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Published on March 30, 2008

Author: Heng

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Messaging:  Messaging Messaging Solutions:  Messaging Solutions A 24 hour Solution! Meridian Mail Call Pilot Faxes E. mails Voice Messages Information Faxes Voice Messages Slide3:  Why Have Messaging ? Not at desk No need for conversation Need for detail Need for record of communication 37% 18% 12% 13% 14% 6% 60% of business telephone calls fail to reach the intended recipient Source: Teleconnect magazine On the phone At desk working Cannot be interrupted In a meeting Other Away from the desk 40% 60% 60% Slide4:  “...the average business telephone call is 5 minutes in duration...” Source: Gartner Group Voice Messaging - Background “...less than 30 seconds of useful business oriented information transmitted during a typical person to person call...” Telephone Call Meridian Mail:  Meridian Mail Slide6:  Meridian Mail Integrated voice mail for Meridian 1 Scalable solution Playback and recording via telephone Slide7:  Telephone Answering Voice Messaging Call Routing Fax on Demand Voice Forms “Dial 0 for Attendant” Voice Menus Meridian Mail Functionality Hospitality Networking Slide8:  IPE Version uses MM slots up to ____ hours storage (IPE) up to ____ access ports (IPE) dedicated processor & memory EC11 Version up to ____ hours storage up to ____ access ports separate cabinet dedicated processor and memory Meridian Mail - Option 11C Two options available: - Card version(IPE) - located in main cabinet - Enhanced Capacity(EC11) - separate cabinet Card Version Slide9:  Options 51 to 81C Meridian Mail - Modular Options located in dedicated UEM 2 modules(Modular EC) up to ____ ports up to _____ hours of storage dedicated processor & memory MERIDIAN MAIL EQUIPMENT MODULE Slide10:  Meridian Mail - Forwarding Methods:- Incoming Calls MAIL Call Forward: Slide11:  Outside Number or secretary “message” Operator Thru’ dial Meridian Mail - Exit Options Mail Slide12:  Meridian Mail Notification Either by: or... ? _____________________ ? _____________________ Slide13:  Meridian Mail - Outcalling Mail ________ __________ user definable up to 3 time periods Slide14:  Meridian Mail Meridian Mail - Message Sending ? _____________ ? _____________ ? _____________ ? _____________ ? _____________ Responding to a Message ? _____________ Slide15:  Meridian Mail’s message classification offers flexible message identification Meridian Mail - Message Sending ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Tag Effect ? ? Slide16:  Select distribution list. Compose and send message. Personal Distribution Lists Broadcast Messages Sales Task Force Finance Marketing Bob Janet Rick Kim Fred Sales I just wanted to remind all of you about this afternoon’s Marketing staff meeting… Meridian Mail - Message Sending Slide17:  Press 1 “For information on PC’s,press 1, for information on printers, press 2” Press 2 “Dial the extension number of the person you wish to speak to” Press 1 “For information on IBM pc’s, press 1 for information on Compaq PC’s, press 2.” Dial 2203 “Hello, Bob Jones speaking” Meridian Mail - Information Delivery/Call Routing Voice Menus can deliver information and route calls at the same time Cowboy Computers “Thank you for calling Cowboy Computers.For product information,press 1, for extension dialling,press 2, for operator assistance please hold.” Incoming Calls MAIL Slide18:  Callers respond to step-by-step instructions; touch-tone phone users can review and re-record responses. Verbal responses are stored for later playback and transcription. Meridian Mail - Voice Forms Name ? _____________ Address ? _____________ Tel. No. ? _____________ Account No. ? _____________ Slide19:  “...for our complete price list please key in your fax number” Meridian Mail - Fax on Demand $$$ “...please press start on your fax machine to receive map” 1. 2. Mail M1 System Description:  System Description Meridian 1 HVS Administration Terminal PMS System PMS Terminal e.g. Reception e.g. CLID e.g. Billing Meridian Mail - HVS Meridian Mail - Hospitality Voice Services:  Meridian Mail - Hospitality Voice Services 1st Comprehensive Voice Communications Package Developed Expressly for the Hotel Industry Another Number 1 for Meridian 1 !!! CallPilot:  CallPilot Slide23:  Call Pilot Voicemail Fax e-mail Unified Messaging in a Single Platform What is Unified Messaging?:  What is Unified Messaging? PC Display Telephone Fax Unified Mailbox Voice Fax Email Voice Fax Email "The means by which you can access any of your messages, whether voice, fax or e-mail - from anywhere in the world using a phone, desktop, or laptop computer."* *Computer Telephony 1999 Slide25:  Unified Messaging Drivers Market conditions have allowed Unified Messaging to develop E-mail - widely deployed and accepted e.g. XXX million users world-wide PLUS growth of Open Standards Slide26:  Why Have Unified Messaging? to cope with information overload to improve employee effectiveness “Office workers are interrupted every 10 minutes by telephones, e-mails and faxes” Pitney Bowes Inc. Unified Messaging allows employees: Slide27:  Unified Messaging Improved Effectiveness and Reduced Costs Slide28:  Market Opportunities “CPE market to grow from $3M in 1998 to $12billion in 2006” - The Ovum Group “Unified messaging systems shipments to grow from 6000 in 1998 to 50,000 in 2002” - Pelorus Group “Unified mailboxes to grow from 200,000 in 1997 to 95 million by 2003” - Pelorus Group Slide29:  Target Users for Unified Messaging Who is the user? Road Warriors Home workers Deskbound intensive users Call centres Slide30:  M1 & Mail Messenger Net Gateway IPE Card Tower or Rack Meridian 1 Reporter Meridian 1 Tower or Rack Call Pilot - Platform Integration Based on Windows NT platform Combined functionality in hardware Reduced server count Call Pilot - 2 hardware solutions Slide31:  IPE 24 Channels 200 hours 2 Slots in IPE Shelf Tower 96 Channels 1000 hours Rack 96 Channels 1000 hours Redundancy Windows NT, Intel Pentium Processor Platforms Requires X11 Rls 24b Software Call Pilot Platforms CallPilot 1.0 Platform Maximum Capacities:  CallPilot 1.0 Platform Maximum Capacities IPE Server:  IPE Server IPE Server Configuration Occupies 2 slots in the PBX switch’s IPE or an Option 11C module 166MHz Pentium processor Windows NT Operating System DSP in PC Card form factor 24 channel Multimedia Processing Unit (MPU) capacity 1 integrated MPC-8 (8 MPU) 2 MPC-8 card slots on the faceplate X11R23c or higher Tower Based Server:  Tower Based Server Tower Server OEM Server Content 350MHz Pentium Processor Windows NT Operating System PCI & ISA bus DS-30 digital voice path connection Ethernet signaling link 1.44 MB floppy drive IDE CD-ROM drive SCSI tape drive 4GB hard disk Hardware Reliability Options RAID (RAID 1- Duplicates all data from one drive to another; i.e., “mirroring.) Nortel Proprietary Content Nortel MPB-16 96 channels with two MPB-16s Rackmount Server:  Rackmount Server OEM Server Content 333MHz Pentium II Processor Windows NT Operating System PCI & ISA bus Six external disk bays (hot-swap) One or two 350 power supplies (DC power option) 1.44 MB floppy drive, monitor, keyboard, mouse & IDE CD-ROM drive Hardware Reliability Dual CPU option Hot-swappable fan, power supply, and disks RAID (RAID 1) Nortel Proprietary Content Nortel MPB-16 (96 channels with MPB-16s) Rackmount Server Slide36:  ELAN All digital voice path interface (DS0) from switch backplane Signaling interface uses proprietary AML protocol transported over TCP/IP via the ELAN (ELAN) IPE server occupies two slots in the switch IPE or an Option 11C module Local tape drive Maintenance through modem, CLAN, or ELAN Optional networked printer for events/ alarms Optional local CD-ROM drive Optional networked tape backup CD-ROM, Tape Drive, DAT Breakout Panel Desktop Client Admin. Client ELNK Switch and IPE Connectivity CLAN Switch and Meridian Application Server Tower and Rack Connectivity:  Switch and Meridian Application Server Tower and Rack Connectivity ELNK Admin. Client PC Meridian 1 MGate Admin. Client PC Desktop Client PC Tower or Rack IPE Common Equipment MPB-16 ELAN ELAN Hub CLAN Hub Meridian Application Server Proprietary Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology:  Meridian Application Server Proprietary Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology CallPilot “Resource Mix”:  CallPilot “Resource Mix” MPC-8 Card 1 DSP supports 8 MPUs for voice, fax and speech rec —1 MPU per voice channel —2 MPUs per fax channel —4 MPUs per speech rec channel 1MCP-8 2 voice channels 1 fax channel 1 speech recognition channel MPU Voice Fax SR 1 X 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 X 6 X 7 X 8 X Slide40:  PBX Switch Sample CallPilot System Configuration Phantom DN 4400 DCFW 4750 Voice Messaging CDN 4750 Multimedia Messaging CDN 4751 ELAN (AML) ELNK ACD 4700 Agent Position ID Agent Position ID Agent Position ID Agent Position ID DSO Voice Fax Speech Rec. Traffic ELAN Signal Traffic 4400 Speech Activated Messaging Media Type Speech Rec. 4750 Voice Messaging Media Type Voice 4751 Multimedia Messaging Media Type Fax Call Pilot SDN Table MPC - 8 Speech Recognition Voice Voice Fax MPU MPU MPU MPU MPU MPU MPU MPU CDNs and Phantom DNs:  CDNs and Phantom DNs { Virtual Fax Machines { Services (e.g. Express Voice Messaging, SR, Menu w/Fax, etc) Real Phones Real Fax Machines Phantom DNs CDNs CallPilot Server Switch 4750 4402 4400 4414 5512 5511 4004 4005 5811 5812 5821 4751 DN Media Application Name 4414 Fax Ap.Blder Svc. with fax 4400 SR Speech Activated Msg Service Directory Number 4402 Voice Express Voice Messaging 4750 Voice Messaging Voice 4751 Fax Multimedia Messaging All CallPilot systems have a primary CDN. This CDN must have the same number as the Voice Messaging application in the SDN table. Other services reside on phantom DNs. These phantom DNs are forwarded to the main CDN. Phones and fax machines have their own DNs on the switch. The SDN table selects the application to run based on the DN dialed. If 4750 is dialed, you get Voice Messaging. If 4402 is dialed, the SDN table finds the Express Voice Messaging service and invokes it. Call Answering works differently. Because the number dialed isn’t found in the SDN table, the CDN number is used for the lookup. Phones are Call Forwarded on No Answer and Busy to the primary CDN. Because the CDN matches Voice Messaging, the SDN table invokes Voice Call Answering. If a system supports Fax Call Answering, it needs a second CDN. This CDN must correspond with the Multimedia Messaging application in the SDN table. All fax machines should be Call Forwarded on No Answer and Busy To the Fax Call Answering CDN. Virtual Fax DNs should be forwarded to the Fax Call Answering CDN. Dialing the virtual fax DN 5811 invokes Fax Call Answering, because the number dialed wasn’t in the SDN table, but the CDN was Multimedia Messaging. The virtual fax DN is an extension in the user’s mailbox. Multi-Administration:  Multi-Administration Multi-Admin: Arbitration on CallPilot when someone requests the same resource that you are currently editing, you get a notification you must respond before proceeding if you do not, your lock will be released after the timeout period in general, the timeout period is 120 seconds (2 Min.) Slide43:  CallPilot - Practical Unified Messaging Email system, version, servers are not impacted No single point of failure The “Unified” Architecture:  The “Unified” Architecture In the case of a “unified” design approach… Voice and fax messages are stored on the e-mail server Telephone interface boards are installed in a separate PC server E-mail server UM server Switch (e.g., PBX) Networking CallPilot Messages:  Networking CallPilot Messages Enterprise Networking VPIM on Internet/Intranet Net Gateway Norstar AMIS Networking AMIS Networking: Analog Networking Industry standard Meridian Mail, CallPilot, Norstar Lucent, Octel… Enterprise Networking: Analog Networking Feature rich Meridian Mail, CallPilot VPIM Networking: IP-based Digital Networking Industry standard Meridian Mail, CallPilot, Norstar Centigram, Comverse… Centralised Mail: Meridian Mail network message service (NMS) Slide46:  Management and Administration Configuration Wizard:  Configuration Wizard Desktop Messaging in 3 Easy Steps...:  Desktop Messaging in 3 Easy Steps... Easy to install… Slide49:  Call Pilot Administration Single point of management Easy to use interface Context sensitive help Intuitive to use …easy to manage Administrative Client PC:  Administrative Client PC Specifications Windows 98, Windows 95 or Windows NT Pentium, CPU Speed (100 MHz or better) Minimum 32 MB RAM Minimum 16 color VGA 640x480, recommended 256 color, SVGA 800x600 236 MB free space CD-ROM for installation, documentation and upgrades Optional modem for connection to CallPilot if not using a LAN Optional sound card and microphone LAN connection Admin Slide51:  GUI drag-and-drop interface for creating Applications Improved service creation time No longer need paper…interactively specify visualization Decreased Cost of Ownership Call Pilot Administration Simplified Administration:  Simplified Administration Easy access for administration LAN / WAN / dial-up connections to CallPilot Many administrators can work simultaneously Simplified Administration:  Simplified Administration Easy access for administration Administer multiple systems from a single client Monitor multiple systems from an SNMP-compliant Network Management System CallPilot Client Intranet or Internet SNMP-compliant Network Management workstation Slide54:  Call Pilot Reporter PC/Win 95 based reporting 39 standard reports customisable reports graphical or tabular 9 alert conditions single or multisite daily, weekly, monthly multiple clients Slide55:  Using Call Pilot Unified Messaging Clients:  Unified Messaging Clients Play messages at PC or phone Across the LAN: Web Play messages at PC or phone Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook Express Lotus Notes Eudora Pro Novell Groupwise 5.0 Across the Web: LAN Microsoft Outlook Express Netscape Messenger many choices for users Slide57:  Choice of Access Methods SPEECH Call Pilot screen:  Call Pilot screen Call Pilot e-mail…:  Call Pilot e-mail… Double-clicking on a fax…:  Double-clicking on a fax… Double-clicking on a voice message…:  Double-clicking on a voice message… Slide62:  Speech Activated Messaging CallPilot Unified Messaging:  CallPilot Unified Messaging Microsoft Exchange/ Outlook, Lotus Notes, Eudora Pro, Novell Groupwise 5.0 Messages played back through PC or telephone All messages can be downloaded onto PC Supports directories Send fax directly from applications MWI on the taskbar access from the desktop use e-mail GUI reduce training requirements Slide64:  User Access via the Web Sample Web Messaging Screen:  Sample Web Messaging Screen Integrated Voice/Fax Mailbox:  Integrated Voice/Fax Mailbox Single Telephone Number for Voice & Fax Simplification with MIPCD Fax messages have Spoken name of the sender Return address Voice Annotation (CallPilot to CallPilot) Choice of Access Fax commands just like Meridian Mail e.g. play, reply, reply all, go to, forward, delete etc. Slide67:  Selling CallPilot Benefits for the User:  Benefits for the User Ease of Use No need to remember voice mailbox command Cut and paste fax and voicemails into documents Forward fax and voicemails as e-mail attachments Drag and drop voice, fax and e-mail messages to desktop, hard drive, or other disk drive Speech activated messaging Flexible addressing using Call Pilot directories Visual voice messaging (See name or CLID of sender) Reduce training time uses familiar e-mail client and Meridian Mail commands Flexibility E-mails with voice and fax attachments, playback options Increased personal effectiveness Manage messages more effectively, reduced time spent on faxing Slide69:  Unique Selling Points - Call Pilot and Meridian 1 “in -skins” solution Speech activation Application Builder CallPilot Reporter Single point of administration for M1 and CallPilot Multiple administration sessions Network administration from single location Co-residence of Mail and CallPilot Slide70:  The 24 hour Solution Lets employees ‘keep in touch’ Overcomes 9 - 5 workday & time zones Quality, content and confidentiality of messages Improves timeliness & flow of information Helps staff manage their time better Increases efficiency & productivity Opens new business opportunities Slide71:  CallPilot Installations Worldwide Deployed in 41 countries: Americas EMEA Asia-Pacific USA Austria Australia Canada Belgium Hong Kong Argentina Czech Republic Indonesia Bahamas Denmark Japan Barbados Dubai (UAE) New Zealand Brazil Finland P.R. of China Chile France Singapore Costa Rica Germany Dominican Republic Holland Mexico Ireland Panama Italy Trinidad & Tobago Kuwait Uruguay Lebanon Venezuela Norway Oman Russia Spain Switzerland Saudi Arabia United Kingdom

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