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Published on January 31, 2008

Author: Domenica

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Communicating for the Danube Project:  Communicating for the Danube Project Slide2:  THE DANUBE RIVER BASIN the most international basin in the world 10% of Europe 81 Mio Inhabitants 18 Countries diverse cultures Particular situation of transition countries and the requirements for EU accession Regional social and economic disparities GEF Danube Project (s) and communication:  GEF Danube Project (s) and communication 3 major projects since 1991 1)Focus on institutional development, ICPDR 2)Pollution Reduction Programme 3)Danube Regional Project (since 2001) Slide4:  DANUBE REGIONAL PROJECT Overview of Project Components RBM Tools (1.1) Agriculture - Policies (1.2) Agriculture - Pilot Projects (1.3) Wetlands (1.4) Industry (1.5) Water Tariffs (1.6) Pollution Charges, Fines, Incentives (1.7) Phosphorus Reduction -Detergents (1.8) Monitoring, Laboratory & Info Management (2.2) Inter-ministerial Mechanisms (2.1) Accident Emergency Response (2.3) DANUBIS (2.4) (MoU) Danube-Black Sea Cooperation (2.5) NGO Institutional Development (3.1) NGO Small Grants Programme (3.2) Communication Strategy and Public Awareness Campaigns (3.3) Indicators for Project Monitoring&Evaluation (4.1) Monitoring Nutrient Removal Capacities of Wetlands (4.3) Study on Pollution Trading & Economic Instruments for Nutrient Reduction (4.4) Trainings & Workshops (2.6) Strengthening the Implementation Capacities for Nutrient Reduction and Transboundary Cooperation in the Danube Basin Objective 1 Support for Policy Development Objective 2 Capacity Building & T-B Cooperation Objective 3 Public Participation & Awareness Objective 4 Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects Analysis of Sediments in the Iron Gate, impact assessment of heavy metals (4.2) Public Participation and Access to Information (3.4) Communication and awareness raising projects:  Communication and awareness raising projects 1) Supporting NGOs (DEF network) 2) Providing Small Grants (130 projects) 3) Communicating with stakeholders 4) Access to information / public participation SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME :  SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME Public awareness raising activities US$ 2 million Implemented by REC 120 National projects 10 Regional projects Slide7:  Sarajevo (BiH): 200,000 citizens informed about household detergents phosphorus and local water pollution Informing Moldova, Romania and Ukraine citizens about trans-boundary issues in Prut basin and how they can participate Vukovar (HR): Promoting the reduction of pesticides among local farmers Kosice (SK): Reedbed removal of nutrients from small rural settlements Small Grants Projects - examples SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME Example: Sarajevo, reduce use of detergents:  SMALL GRANTS PROGRAMME Example: Sarajevo, reduce use of detergents Information has been released to 200,000 citizens NGO activities on streets and shopping malls 20,000 leaflets distributed Every day broadcasts on local radio station reaching 150,000 people Lessons learned overall implementation :  Lessons learned overall implementation - Overall objective of the project - There still is a need to build communication work into technical components Implementation of project in partnership with other international bodies Selection of paths, what target audiences and communication tools should be selected

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