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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: Jeremiah

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07-09 IT Planning Briefing:  07-09 IT Planning Briefing February 2006 Agenda:  Agenda Welcome Introductions IT Planning Timeline Technology Directions Toolset upgrades BARS Asset Reporting Rate update Questions and Answers Welcome :  Welcome Introductions / Contact data Nancy Walz – Policy and Planning Division Director nwalz@state.nd.us 701-328-1991 Dan Sipes – Administrative Services Division Director dsipes@state.nd.us 701-328-4317 Kevin Nosbusch – IT Business Analyst knosbusch@state.nd.us 701-328-3255 Jeff Swank – IT Business Analyst jpswanK@state.nd.us 701-328-1994 Timeline :  Timeline 2-1-2006 - 2-15-2006 Agency Briefings 3-31-2006 ITD rates for 07-09 will be published 3-15-2006 - 4-30-2006 IT Business Analysts will meet with each agency 7-17-2006 IT Plans are due, NDCC has no process for extensions August 2006 SITAC prioritizes large projects based on BARS data November 2006 State IT Plan is published December 2006 State IT Plan delivered to 07 Legislature Technology Directions:  Technology Directions Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Enterprise Service Bus Quality Assurance PowerBuilder questionable future VSAM / ABABAS migration Oracle 10g & MS SQL Server 05 DB2 development Second data center impacts on Service level agreements Continue 4 year PC replacement Technology Directions:  Technology Directions StageNET 06 offers increased security and capacity Office 12 deployment Possible blocking of outbound IM and IRC traffic N-core processors may impact software licensing Data warehouse / Business Intelligence deployment Expanded GIS utilization Toolset Upgrades:  Toolset Upgrades Software Component upgrades Per application Per upgrade Lotus Notes Interactive Voice Response Visual Basic BARS :  BARS IT Capture process remains the same Reporting available via Reports and Publications Refined definitions for narratives BARS - Infrastructure:  BARS - Infrastructure Agency IT Plan Contact Data Required Name, title, email and phone number of person responsible for plan content Agency IT Overview Required General overview of technology deployed Agency Technology Goals and objectives Required Goals and measurements supported within the IT Plan – should tie IT to the business functions BARS - Infrastructure:  BARS - Infrastructure Explanation of extraordinary increase or decrease in infrastructure costs Required if 10% increase / decrease Number of PC’s Required Desktops Desktops to be replaced Laptops Laptops to be replaced Operating systems used by percent Additional non-appropriated expenditures Amount Explanation BARS - Infrastructure:  BARS - Infrastructure Narrative Agency Technology Activities Provide detailed information on what is included in the Infrastructure. Should include sufficient detail to explain the requested budget and changes in the budget from previous biennium. BARS - Projects:  BARS - Projects Project identity Number used to sequence reports INF – Infrastructure PGM – Program id NNN – project number within grouping Description – project name Project ID – agency assigned Priority Project type BARS - Projects:  BARS - Projects Project text – each area has a additional narrative screen available for detailed explanations Description – What is the project? Business need – Why the project needed? Alignment to missions – How the project meets the business goals. Benefits – specific measurable benefits of completing the project Impact of not completing – What adverse impact will occur if the project is not completed? Risks – What are the risks to the project and how will the risk be mitigated? BARS - Costs:  BARS - Costs Project Cost Screen is used for both Infrastructure and Projects Accounts used are: IT5110 – Salaries IT5120 – Salaries – other (Shift Diff) IT5130 – Temp Salaries IT5140 - Overtime IT5160 – Fringe Benefits IT5111 – Additional Salaries IT5121 – Additional – Salaries other (Shift diff) IT5131 – Additional Temp Salaries IT5141 - Additional Overtime IT5161 – Additional Fringe Benefits BARS - Costs:  BARS - Costs Accounts used (continued) IT6010 – IT data processing IT6020 – IT Communications IT5310 – IT software & supplies IT6030 – IT contractual services & repairs IT5510 – IT Equipment under $5000 IT6930– IT Equipment over $5000 BARS - Costs:  BARS - Costs Amounts entered for each account: Current appropriation Budget request Optional request Subsequent biennium Financial impact Projects only Ongoing costs that will be included in the infrastructure in the future BARS - Funding:  BARS - Funding Funding source for each line item BARS - MISC:  BARS - MISC Budget amounts included in the IT Plan do not post the financial budget, however the financial budget and the IT budget must match. Plans will be reviewed to ensure: Completeness of plan Compliance to technology standards Inclusion of technology directions Reasonableness of budgets IT budget ties to financial budget IT Equipment over $5000 ties to the IT Equipment over $5000 sub-schedule BARS - Reporting:  BARS - Reporting Reports are available via the Reporting and Publication menus. Details will be included in the final version of the updated manual which will be available at www.nd.gov/fiscal Asset Reporting:  Asset Reporting Asset Inventory required PeopleSoft or Excel Hardware Individually or in groups PC (required) Printers (significant or critical) PDA’s (significant or critical) Scanners (significant or critical) Servers (required) Networking Equipment (significant or critical) Asset Reporting:  Asset Reporting Asset Inventory required (cont) Software Line of business applications Name Description Production date Date of last update Replacement date Original cost Developer / Vendor Life expectancy Maintenance cost Estimated replacement costs OS required Database required Language developed in Maintenance vendor ITD Proposed Billing Rates:  ITD Proposed Billing Rates Dan Sipes – Administrative Services Division Director dsipes@state.nd.us 701-328-4317 Data Processing Billing Rates:  Data Processing Billing Rates Hourly Staff Rates Draft rates reflect increases of 7% - 10% Considering a separate rate for architect level analysis and project management Records Management Rates Rates will increase, amount of increase still under review ConnectND Rates Still under review – reviewing projected impact of increased disk usage, Time and Labor functionality and Data Warehouse functionality Data Processing Billing Rates:  Data Processing Billing Rates Mainframe Rates Current plan is to migrate to flat rate billing versus by CPU second Assuming no changes to an agency’s applications, current expenditure levels for each agency would remain the same for the next five years Regular review to monitor usage/price increases based on new functionality Mainframe Disk/Tape Rates Still determining impact of mainframe migration Agencies should plan to budget current level of spending for existing data storage Data Processing Billing Rates:  Data Processing Billing Rates AS/400 Rates Rates still under review EDMS Rates Per user rates still under review Separate rates for Teleform infrastructure – will be monthly rates Consolidation Hosting Rates Still under review Considering up front installation fee for dedicated/shared servers Data Processing Billing Rates:  Data Processing Billing Rates Disk Rates Bronze Rate under review - only offered for certain services Silver and Gold rates should hold steady Considering the feasibility of custom rates for very large data stores (multiple TB’s) Network Rates Cost increases in endpoint connectivity & network core Majority of increases in core costs are being funded by Higher Ed and K-12 Expected cost increases from virus/spam software vendors Expected increases in Device rate and endpoint Fiber and T-1’s Telephone Billing Rates:  Telephone Billing Rates Basic Phone Rates Expected increase to cover VOIP rollout VOIP available for phone calls between the 8 major cities Long Distance Expected increase in per minute rate and decrease in usage since most of the low cost phone calls will now be carried by IP Micrographic Billing Rates:  Micrographic Billing Rates Actively pursuing outsourcing arrangement for processing microfiche Vendor relationship and billing will still be coordinated through ITD Expected cost increases based on outsourcing arrangement and reduced volume Cost increases will be less than the projected costs to replace existing equipment and relocate current processing facilities ITD Cost Control Strategies:  ITD Cost Control Strategies Benchmark against peers Leverage volume purchasing & term contracts Competitive bids Validate vendor pricing with Gartner Monitor software licensing and usage Simplify the architecture (EA) Just-in-time procurement Summary:  Summary Planning is a process It is time to start Needs identification Business case development Prioritization Analyze financial impacts ITD rates Governor’s Budget Guidelines Agency’s needs IT related Non IT related Submit plan Enter into BARS Submit to ITD Questions?:  Questions? Thanks for attending!:  Thanks for attending!

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