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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Monica

Source: authorstream.com

Intimacy Interrupted:  Intimacy Interrupted Triune God:  Triune God Biblical Design:  Biblical Design Communion Communication Consummation Critical Definitions:  Critical Definitions Intimacy Oneness 1+1=1 Work of Art Work in Progress Intimacy:  Intimacy To be FULLY KNOWN To be FULLY LOVED WITHOUT FEAR of Rejection To THEN Love Fully! Marriage & Ministry:  Marriage & Ministry 81% Insufficient Time with Spouse 64% Communication Difficulties 46% Suffer Sexual Problems 41% Anger Problems Toward Spouse Barna ‘98 Cry for Help! :  Cry for Help! 90% Work 55-75 Hours/Week 80% Believe Pastoral Ministry has Negatively Affected their Families 50% Drop Out within 5 Years 70% Do Not have Someone they Consider a Close Friend 90% Have considered leaving the ministry in the past 3 months. Pastorcare Dangers to Intimacy::  Dangers to Intimacy: Unconfessed Sexual Sin Unacknowledged Sexual Ignorance Undeserved Sexual Exploitation Unexpected Stress Undisciplined, Unexamined Life What goes Wrong?:  What goes Wrong? Spiritually Relationally Communion Communication Collaboration Cooperation Physically Issues in Intimacy:  Issues in Intimacy For Him: Stress, Burnout, Fatigue Unrealistic Expectations Unrealized Dreams Failure to find REST in God Issues in Intimacy:  Issues in Intimacy For Him: Testosterone Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation Distractions = “Failure” Issues in Intimacy:  Issues in Intimacy For Him: Lower Desire Problems with Arousal Decreasing size, ejaculatory force Change in weight, fitness Issues in Intimacy:  Issues in Intimacy What can you DO For Him? Sexual Response:  Sexual Response Desire Arousal Orgasm Excitation-Plateau-Orgasm-Resolution Sexual Dysfunction:  Sexual Dysfunction 80% of Couples Seeking Marital Therapy Complain of Sexual Dissatisfaction! Even in “Very Happy Marriages” 50% report some sexual problems or sexual dysfunction! The Secret to Great Lovemaking:  The Secret to Great Lovemaking A Healthy Intimate Relationship Love “according to Knowledge” I Pet. 3 Respect, Affirm Eph 5; I Pet. 3 Affectionate Touch, Thoughtfulness, Surprises, and Tender Connecting Three-Dimensional Intimacy Sex Therapy::  Sex Therapy: Carnal Quest:  Carnal Quest The “EXPERIENCE” becomes a substitute for REAL RELATIONSHIP Sexual Intimacy far MORE than just a Biological Act Compartmental Improper Priority:  Improper Priority Sexuality a Gift from God Not Quest for the Ultimate Experience Never Intended to be Ultimate Pursuit of Life Yet……….. It IS a GIFT Intimacy, a Gift:  Intimacy, a Gift To be SHARED, EXPLORED, ENJOYED Requires Creativity KNOWING at a DEEP level Intuiting, Affirming, Respecting, Responding INITIATING (Song of Songs Ch. 8) Survey Results:  Survey Results 80% Rather have Physical Closeness than Orgasm 70% Rather have Emotional Closeness than Orgasm 53% Want Time Together <40% Desire Physical Release Arch Hart Female Orgasm:  Female Orgasm 26% Difficulty Reaching Orgasm 25% Achieve Orgasm “Always” 33% 75% of the Time 15% 50% of the Time 10% Never Experienced Arch Hart What Women DON’T Like:  What Women DON’T Like 30% “The Mess” 16% Inconvenience 8% “It Hurts” 6% Partner’s Smell Arch Hart Traumatic History:  Traumatic History 50% Unwanted “sexual touch” 22% X-rated Movies or Magazines Explicit sexuality portrayed does NOT arouse female, may traumatize Intimacy & Satisfaction to Her:  Intimacy & Satisfaction to Her Emotional Closeness Bonding Commitment Love Affection Acceptance Basson Slide32:  Global Compartmentalized Women Men Sexual Response:  Sexual Response Female Male Male Issues:  Male Issues All about Performance And Pleasure! Female Sexual Response:  Female Sexual Response Need for Intimacy Awareness of Nonsexual Need to be Sexual Basson Model Slide36:  Hormonal Environment Female Issues:  Female Issues About Intimacy And Relationship Distinctive Differences:  Distinctive Differences Anatomy/Neuroanatomy Physiology Endocrinology Behavioral Emotional Manipulative Physiological Problems:  Physiological Problems Impotence Ejaculatory problems Inhibited Sexual Desire Dyspareunia Anorgasmia What Happy Couples Say::  What Happy Couples Say: Make Sex a Priority Learn How to Communicate Learn How to Touch Kindle Romantic Flames Keep a Sense of Humor Pearls of Wisdom:  Pearls of Wisdom For Her: Affection WITHOUT Expectation For Him: Affirmation WITHOUT Manipulation “Sensual” Senses:  “Sensual” Senses Sight Sound Smell Taste Touch Ejaculatory Problems:  Ejaculatory Problems Premature Ejaculation Functional Impotence Prostatitis Urethritis Infection (herpes/condyloma/chlamydia,GC) Chemical urethritis Sexuality A Gift of God:  Sexuality A Gift of God to Unify two become one to Satisfy one another’s needs to Glorify the Lord Sexual Intimacy in Marriage, Cutrer and Glahn Intimacy IGNITED!:  Intimacy IGNITED! Restoring the DELIGHT Rekindling the FLAMES of Love for God and for One Another Delighting in: Every Season of Life Each Serving Opportunity Expressions of Affection, Contentment, Faithfulness Have Questions?:  Have Questions? Request::  Request: Getting Romance Right Stories from real life, not necessarily involving sex For men often an “event” or experience For women, great variety

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