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Published on February 12, 2008

Author: Reaa

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Slide1:  At the 10:39 a.m. on the last Saturday, Flight 387 crashed into Mt. Sumagaya on its way to Singapore, (A) that / which took the lives of 99 passengers along with 4 crew members. According to the investigation, (B) it / that was the pilot’s fault that caused the tragedy. However, shockingly, the airline company had ignored it until the plane’s “black box” was found. Only a few dozen bodies were found and (C) very / much fewer were identified by the rescue team. All of the found bodies were buried in a mass burial. (A) (B) (C) ① that it very ② that that much ③ which it much ④ which it very ⑤ which that much 31 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide2:  Our early ancestors may have used the fingers of their hands or cut notches like /// on tree branches to indicate ① how many apples they had picked that day. But they ② must soon realize that no tree branch could be long enough to count ③ a very large number of apples. They eventually invented names for groups of notches and, since we don’t know what language they spoke, we ④ might as well imagine that they spoke English and said “one” for /, “two” for //, “three” for ///, or “nine” for /////////, and so on. Thus ⑤ special words did become useful substitutes for notches. 32 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide3:  Long-distance marriage is nothing new. Over the years the families of servicemen, railroad workers, salesmen, truckers, athletes and artists ① have endured long separations. What makes today’s commuting couples different ② is that both husband and wife are making choices ③ based on their needs and aspirations both as individuals and as a couple. Instead of abandoning their own professional goals ④ follow their husband’s career track, many women are now initiating these moves to realize their own dreams. And many couple who want both career advancement and marriage ⑤ choose to live apart. 33 다음 글의 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide4:  There is one way ① in which one can own a book. The first is the property right you establish by ② pay for it, just as you pay for clothes and furniture. But this act of purchase is only ③ the prelude to possession. Full ownership comes only when you ④ have made it a part of yourself, and the best way to make it a part of yourself is to write your feeling after reading the book. Then the books can ⑤ be assimilated into your bloodstream to do you any good. 34 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide5:  As he lay thinking, Bruce saw a spider over his head making ready to weave her web. He watched her as she toiled slowly. Six times she tried (A) to throw / throwing her thread from one beam to another, and six times it fell short. “Poor thing!” said Bruce: “you, too, know what it is to fail.” But the spider did not lose hope with sixth failure. With still more (B) care / careful , she made ready to try for the seventh time. Bruce almost forgot his own troubles as he watched the spider swing (C) her / herself out upon the slender line. Would she fail again? No! The thread was carried safely to the beam, and fastened there. (A) (B) (C) ① to throw care her ② to throw careful her ③ to throw care herself ④ throwing careful her ⑤ throwing careful herself 35 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것은? Slide6:  The creative process in its purest from is simply a way of solving a problem. With ① the problem identified, we use the creative idea to research, gather information, analyze problems, ② and to develop the strategies to solve it. I’ve heard many people ③ say, “Creative ideas never occurred to me like they do you. I could never do what you do.” In all humbleness, they’re probably right. A popular misconception is that creativity happens in a flash of inspiration; just the opposite is true. It’s a way of thinking and ④ approaching a problem. True creativity and originality is a time-consuming process. Imagination, a sense of curiosity, and analytical skills all ⑤ play an integral part in it. 36 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide7:  Many public figures have hired speech writers for political or business purposes. You may have heard such well-known phrases as “Read my lips” or “A kinder, gentler nation.” A female professional speech writer (A)_________ with creating these phrases, capturing abstract ideas and putting them into practical language. The very existence of speech writers like her causes many politicians or business people (B)______ that if they just hire a good speech writer, they will become memorable speech makers overnight. Unfortunately, that assumption is wrong. In reality, speech writers cannot make their clients great, or even good, speakers. (A) (B) ① credits think ② credits to think ③ is credited think ④ is credited to think ⑤ is credited thinking 37 빈 칸(A)와 (B)에 들어갈 말로 올바른 것끼리 짝지은 것은? Slide8:  The famous explorer Captain Cook died in Hawaii, but a member of his crew recorded the bravery and excellent skills of the local Hawaiian surfers. Many European sailors could not even swim at that time, so imagine ① how impressing they were to see surfers moving across the water at such high speeds! ② It is thought that the chiefs and leaders of the Hawaiian native people ③ used surfing as a means to show off their strength and agility, and to intimidate and impress others. Traditionally, the ruling class had better crafted and more elaborate boards ④ to show others their status and great importance. Making a surfboard had special steps. For example, a religious leader would say a prayer before the tree ⑤ was cut down. 38 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide9:  ① There was a Midwestern farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair ② where it won the blue ribbon, the top prize. One year a reporter asked him and ③ learned interesting something about how he grew it. The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors. “How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?” the reporter asked. “Why sir,” said the farmer, “didn’t you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and ④ swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. ⑤ If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn.” 39 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide10:  Jean bought a small cellular phone for her boyfriend. She wrapped the gift and ① put it on a table. The next day, all that remained of the present was torn wrapping paper. The woman searched her apartment for the phone, but found nothing. She decided to dial the phone’s number and heard it ringing ② where was her dog sleeping. At first she thought the dog was lying on the phone, but then realized that the phone was ringing inside the dog. She rushed the dog to the vet, ③ who determined that the dog ④ had indeed swallowed the phone. The vet told the woman that her dog was not in danger and told her to let nature ⑤ take its course. The phone emerged from the dog the next day in perfect working order. 40 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide11:  The only big ideas I’ve ever had (A) has / have come from daydreaming, but modern life keeps people (B) daydreaming / from daydreaming . Every moment of the day your mind is (C) occupying / being occupied , and controlled by someone else at school, at work, watching television. Getting away from all that is really important. You need to just sit in an armchair and let your mind daydream. (A) (B) (C) ① has daydreaming occupying ② has from daydreaming being occupied ③ have shortly being occupied ④ have from daydreaming being occupied ⑤ have daydreaming occupying 41 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide12:  After selecting the site, George Washington held a design competition to find an architect to build the residence where the U.S. president would live. In 1792, Irish-born architect James Hoban was selected to design the building, (A)________ the Executive House. In 1800, President and Mrs. John Adams became the first occupants, even though the building was not yet completed. Burned by the British in 1814, the partially rebuilt edifice was occupied again in 1817, by James Monroe. In 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt changed the name of the building to the White House and ordered the West Wing to be built. The East Wing was added in 1942 on the instruction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, (B)________ the building as it is today. (A) (B) ① known as and completed ② known as who completed ③ knowing as and completed ④ which knew who completed ⑤ which knew having completed 42 빈칸 (A)와 (B)에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것끼리 짝지은 것은 Slide13:  A handsome young gentleman, while taking a leisurely stroll one sunny afternoon, encountered an attractive young woman seated on an outdoor bench, a large dog (A) resting / rested comfortably at her feet. Anxious to strike up a conversation, the man approached the woman and asked, “Pardon me ma’am, does your dog bite?” “Oh, no!” she replied. “My dog is quite tame and friendly.” At this point, the man kneeled down to pet the animal, only to (B) greet / be greeted by a growl and a nip on the hand. Startled, he jumped up, looked angrily at the woman, and exclaimed, “I thought you (C) had said / said your dog does not bite and is quite friendly!” “I did,” said the woman calmly; then, looking down at the dog seated at her feet, continued, “That’s not my dog!” (A) (B) (C) ① rested greet said ② rested greet had said ③ resting greet said ④ resting be greeted said ⑤ resting be greeted had said 43 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide14:  Hair including the hair on your head, ① grows out of small holes in your skin. Hairs on the body and the head have a life cycle ② from start through growth to falling out. When a hair has reached the right time to fall out, it falls out, no matter ③ how long or short it is by then. Body hair’s growing phase is much shorter than ④ the hair on your head. So body hair finishes its growing phase ⑤ much faster than the hair on your head. 44 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide15:  Boston was the first city in the United States to launch a special event to celebrate New Year’s Eve. (A) Calling / Called First Night, the Boston New Year’s celebration is now an annual event that (B) attract / attracts over 1.5 million people. The evening begins with a grand costumed parade around the Boston common and ends at midnight with Fireworks over Boston Harbor. In between, there are more than 200 performances of international music, dance, and theater, as well as puppetry and many films (C) choose / to choose from. (A) (B) (C) ① Calling attract choose ② Calling attracts to choose ③ Called attracts choose ④ Called attract to choose ⑤ Called attracts to choose 45 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide16:  Our ancestors drew pictures of the animals and plants around them, and evidence suggests that those prehistoric people ① used animals and plants in their rituals. The presence of nature ② must have played a significant role in shaping human cultures, and, perhaps, in determining the way in which modern human beings think. Today, the beauty of living things ③ remain an important part of our lives. We keep pets and house plants, enjoy paintings and photographs of beautiful natural scenes, and ④ relish the beauty of parks and nature preserves. To our eyes, some places in the world are beautiful, and ⑤ others are ordinary. 46 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide17:  People today say reading books is (A) bored / boring . They would rather watch TV or see movies. But books have a lot of advantages. You can carry them anywhere. You don’t have to go to a special place (B) reading / to read a book. You can read it at home, on a bus or in a train station. Also, a book lets you use your imagination. TV and movies only show you images. While you read a book, you read words, (C) create / creating your own images in your mind. Furthermore, those images can be much more interesting than TV programs or movies. (A) (B) (C) ① bored reading create ② bored reading creating ③ boring to read create ④ boring to read creating ⑤ boring reading creating 47 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide18:  It is much easier to pick up superficial customs than ① to understand the deep-seated attitudes and motives behind the customs. Yet such an under-standing helps a student to interpret ② what he sees and keeps him from concluding that everyone in the foreign country is irrational or impolite. In certain aspects of college life, students will find that understanding American attitudes will be ③ of help to them. For example, in college classes a higher value ④ is placed upon efficiency and directness of expression, rather than on certain forms of politeness that ⑤ is observed in other countries. 48 다음 글의 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide19:  The winter weather gets very cold in many towns, especially those in Canada and the northern United States. However, the coldest town in the world is Oymyakon. This town is in Siberia. The temperature there once dropped to 96 degrees below zero. Machines cannot operate well when it’s (A) how / that cold. Even horses cannot stand it. Luckily there is one animal that doesn’t seem to mind it at all – the reindeer. The reindeer has long legs (B) which / whit which it digs into snowdrifts for its favorite food, reindeer moss. Its hair protects it from the cold and its hooves keep it (C) sinking / from sinking into the snow. The reindeer is well equipped for living in the coldest town in the world! (A) (B) (C) ① how which sinking ② how with which from sinking ③ that which from sinking ④ that which sinking ⑤ that with which from sinking 49 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide20:  When you are in a public place, you should remember at all times that other people are around. (A)_________ on the street, watch out for the safety of others. It is so easy to let your attention wander and then collide with another pedestrian. Older persons, especially, cannot watch out for you, and courtesy demands that you (B)_________ in the way. Sometimes it is intelligent to watch and be aware of the crowds. Crowds often generate excitement, even become dangerous, and should be avoided. (A) (B) ① While walking should take care not to get ② While walking took care not to get ③ You are walking took care not to get ④ You are walking should take care to get not ⑤ Your being walking should take care not to get 50 빈칸 (A)와 (B)에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것끼리 짝지은 것은? Slide21:  How are the holes in Swiss cheese made? These holes, which are always found in Swiss cheese, are made by special bacteria. All cheeses are made from milk that has different bacteria added to it. The bacteria (A)_______ Swiss cheese are not harmful to people. They are necessary to ripen the cheese. It is while cheese is ripening (B)_______ its own special flavor and color. The bacteria ripening Swiss cheese also eat holes through it. As the cheese ages, the holes get bigger. (A) (B) ① are used to make that is developed ② are used to make that it develops ③ used to make that it develops ④ used to make that is developed ⑤ used to making what develops 51 빈칸 (A)와 (B)에 가장 적절한 것끼리 짝지은 것은? Slide22:  When promoting a product around the world, it benefits companies (A) understand / to understand local customs in detail. Different customs mean that even simple things like colors or numbers can affect the success of a product. (B) Know / Knowing what appeals to potential customers, as well as a knowledge of the “do’s and don’ts” of each market, can help a product to be successful. Despite a product (C) being / is the same, its success depends on how appropriately and effectively it appeals to people in different countries. (A) (B) (C) ① understand Know being ② understand Knowing is ③ to understand Knowing being ④ to understand Knowing is ⑤ to understand Know being 52 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide23:  It’s two o’clock in the morning, and you can’t sleep. You want something to eat and a magazine to read. You don’t want to talk to a clerk in a convenience store. Where do you go? If you are in Japan, you go to RoboStore. It’s the first store in the world (A) which / where there are no humans at work. Robots work 24 hours a day serving the customers who come in. RoboStore is (B) like / alike a giant vending machine. Customers come into the shop and look at the display cases. They write the numbers of the items they want on order cards. Next they punch the numbers into a machine. Then a robot, (C) calling / called Robo, goes to work. (A) (B) (C) ① which like called ② where like calling ③ which alike calling ④ where like called ⑤ where alike called 53 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide24:  Travel by bus is not as popular as ① it once was in America. Between 1979 and 1985 alone, the number of passengers declined ② by about 50 percent. There are several reasons for this trend. Most of all, large bus companies ③ have given up many routes through small-town America. ④ That’s why they have found it more profitable ⑤ to concentrate on routes between large cities. 54 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide25:  Richard Feynman was the most independent person ever to walk the Earth. Most scientists spend a lot of time (A) reading / to read up on what other people have done: textbooks to learn a new field or technical journals to keep up with the (B) latest / last work. Feynman did neither. He never took anybody’s word for anything. He did everything for himself. While in high school, he decided to reinvent trigonometry. Rather than learn the subject from a book, he set himself the task of deriving all the standard formulas in his own way. Some of the proofs he discovered turned out to be less elegant than (C) that / those of the textbook. But others were better. (A) (B) (C) ① reading latest that ② to read latest those ③ reading last that ④ to read last those ⑤ reading latest those 55 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide26:  When you clean out your attic, don’t throw out (A) that / what looks like a piece of junk until you determine its potential as a collectible antique. For one thing, what appears to be old pieces of junk may actually be valuable treasures. Things that evoke powerful, nostalgic memories are also in demand. Old radios, toys, and bottles that remind people of the “good old days” can be (B) worth / worthy a lot of money. Anything that’s unique to its era, or time, could be valuable, too. Furniture or decorative items in the Art Deco style of the 1920s and 1930s, for instance, (C) is / are popular with collectors. Finally, older handmade items, such as pottery and hand-hooked rugs could be treasures as well. (A) (B) (C) ① that worthy are ② what worth are ③ that worthy is ④ what worth is ⑤ that worth are 56 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide27:  In ancient Greece lived a handsome and talented sculptor ① named Pygmalion. One day he chose a large, beautiful piece of ivory, and worked for many long hours at it. It was a statue of a beautiful lady. Pygmalion at once fell in love with his creation – he thought it was so beautiful, and he clothed the figure, gave it jewels, and named it Galatea, ② that means “sleeping love”. And the more he gazed upon Galatea, the more he wished that ③ he had a wife just like her, but alive. So he prayed Aphrodite for a wife just like the statue in his home. Aphrodite was delighted to see Galatea. She ④ couldn’t help but think that the statue looked much like herself. ⑤ Pleased and flattered, she brought the statue to life. When the sculptor returned home and kissed Galatea, he was startled at her warmth. They soon got married and Pygmalion didn’t forget to thank Aphrodite for his good fortune. 57 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법이 틀린 것은? Slide28:  Possibly the most effective way to focus on your goals is to (A) write them down / write down them . Although this may sound like an obvious first step, it is a step that many people ignore. As a result, their goals often remain unfocused, and therefore unrealized. Go to a fairly quiet place where you are not likely to (B) disturb / be disturbed . Make a list of every goal you have. Include goals about finances, relationships, and your career. Be as (C) specifically / specific as possible. (A) (B) (C) ① write them down disturb specifically ② write them down be disturbed specifically ③ write them down be disturbed specific ④ write down them disturb specifically ⑤ write down them be disturbed specific 58 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Slide29:  A new bill in Congress would require a fast food restaurant (A) lists / list calorie counts on their menu boards and spell out the fat and sodium content of their foods on their (B) printed / printing menus. The bill would help reduce the nation’s obesity rate by giving consumers the information they need. We want to make wise choices about (C) what we are eating / what are we eating , to have a more healthy diet. We need information on which we can make those informed choices. We have that information today in supermarkets. And now since almost half of the food dollar is being spent in restaurants, what we need to do is to extend that nutrition labeling to restaurants, fast food restaurants, the chain restaurants, so that in fact we can make that informed choice for a healthy diet. (A) (B) (C) ① list printed what we are eating ② list printing what are we eating ③ lists printed what are we eating ④ lists printing what we are eating ⑤ lists printed what we are eating 59 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 짝지은 것은? Slide30:  Though you see people ① doing it as warming-up, toe touches and calf stretches won’t prepare your muscles for a workout. The only way ② to warm up is with light aerobic exercise. You can walk, go jogging, and ③ try stationary cycling. Do this for five or ten minutes, and you’re ready. ④ When cold, muscles are stiff and can tear if you overextend them. But they’re pliable once the blood is pumping. You should save stretching for afterwards. But don’t skip it; it protects against injury, ⑤ making your next workout easier. 60 다음 글의 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide31:  Home Master delivers over thirty years of cleaning experience right to your front door. Our van comes with highly-trained professionals equipped with exclusive cleaning solutions and the (A) latest / last equipment. Together they get your furniture, floors, windows, and balconies their cleanest. Three hours will be enough for us to make your home (B) free / freely of any dirt. Our service is guaranteed to improve the quality of your (C) living / alive environment. Call today to schedule your free in-home consultation. (A) (B) (C) ① last free alive ② last freely alive ③ last free living ④ latest free living ⑤ latest freely alive 61 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide32:  Traffic planners have dreamed of a solution to traffic problems for a long time. One of their dreams ① is now a reality. In some cities, cars have special devices ② attached to their bottoms. There are also sensors along the side of the road. The sensors can detect the special devices and tell how many cars are on the road and how fast the cars are traveling. This lets traffic engineers ③ to know the traffic conditions in real time. ④ Using this instant information, engineers can control traffic effectively. For example, they can use the information to control the timing of traffic lights. Then roads with the heaviest traffic would have less red lights. This would help ⑤ solve the traffic problems. 62 다음 글의 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide33:  The general was determined ① not to allow the enemy’s forces a return voyage, but ② to send them to the bottom of the sea. ③ Stood high on his flagship, he engaged his entire fleet in a battle with several hundred enemy ships. Just as the battle was about ④ to be won, the general ⑤ was wounded by a stray enemy bullet. He ordered his aides, “Do not announce my death until the battle is over! Do not weep! Go and beat the drum. Finish the enemy to the last one!” 63 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide34:  After two hours surfing, Clauss was taking off his wet suit when a boy ran up, pointing to water. “Two kids are in trouble,” he said. Clauss saw a pair of swimmers splashing and waving their arms. (A) Grabbing / Grabbed his board, he ran into the waves, As he paddled furiously, Clauss managed to reach one of the two and pick him up on his surfboard. He dived into the chilly water seven times, looking for (B) the other / another boy but had no luck. A policeman, who was on the beach, said that if Clauss (C) haven’t / hadn’t reacted so quickly and decisively, there would have been two drownings instead of one. (A) (B) (C) ① Grabbing the other haven’t ② Grabbing another haven’t ③ Grabbing the other hadn’t ④ Grabbed another hadn’t ⑤ Grabbed the other hadn’t 64 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide35:  The Amistad carried African prisoners. The prisoners carried by the ship (A)_________ from Sierra Leone. They had been sold into slavery and were being transported to a Caribbean island. One night, their leader freed himself from his chains and led a mutiny. The Africans (B)_________ their former captors to take them home, but the Spaniards tricked them and sailed to the United States instead. In the United States, a fierce controversy raged over whether to send the Africans to slavery in Cuba or to set them free. The Supreme Court eventually heard the case. The Supreme Court decided to free the prisoners. (A) (B) ① had kidnapped tried to force ② was been kidnapped tried to force ③ had been kidnapped tried to force ④ had been kidnapped had tried to force ⑤ have been kidnapped tried forcing 65 빈칸 (A)와 (B)에 가장 적절한 것끼리 짝지은 것은? Slide36:  In most parts of the world, rabbits ① have long valued for their meat and pelts. Europe has had wild rabbits since the Ice Ages. During the twelfth century, Norman invaders brought European rabbits to England, ② where the rabbits flourished. Australia had no rabbits until 1859. Then, an Australian landowner had twenty-four European rabbits ③ sent to him from England. The rabbits multiplied. Four years later, the landowner said that he ④ had killed about 20,000 of them for their meat and pelts. By 1930, the remaining rabbits had multiplied so fast that millions of them had spread over ⑤ most of Australia. 66 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? Slide37:  Understanding a foreign language and culture helps you to know your native language and culture better. You have thought many things natural, but you will learn that people in other countries do things differently – and they think that their ways of doing things are natural. You will understand characteristics of your native language and culture better. You may understand (A)________ from other people. If you pay more attention, you will understand people are the same even if they have different languages and cultures, as the surface, (B)______ barriers for understanding and communication. (A) (B) ① how your people are different which could be ② how are your people different that could be ③ how your people are different which should be ④ how is your people different that should be ⑤ how your people is different what should be 67 빈칸(A)와 (B)에 가장 적절한 것끼리 짝지은 것은? Slide38:  The first thing a doctor will need to know (A) includes what kind and how much of the poisonous plant was eaten, (B) when was it eaten, and what part of the plant was consumed. The doctor will also need to know how old the patient is and whether they have vomited (C) after eating the plant. If possible, save what remains of the plant (D) that was eaten and let the doctor (E) to see it for identification purposes as there are specific treatments for different plant poisons. ① (A), (B) ② (A), (C) ③ (B), (E) ④ (C), (D) ⑤ (D), (E) 68 다음 중 어법이 잘못된 것끼리 짝지은 것은? Slide39:  It is hard to imagine a world without the Internet. Since the mid 1990s, (A) it / one has revolutionized the way people around the world communicate, shop, entertain and conduct business. Today, at the crest of this global transformation, universities steadily have (B) added / been added online courses to their curricula-not only to compete with other schools, but to (C) afford / afford with educational opportunities that meet the demands of a student’s busy lifestyle. (A) (B) (C) ① it added afford ② it added afford with ③ it been added afford ④ one added afford with ⑤ one been added afford 69 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide40:  When my grandmother began to have problems in seeing, hearing and walking, a number of family meetings were held. We discussed what we should do for her. We talked of placing her in a nursing home, but that idea was quickly given up. Although my grandmother would be with more people of her own age, she would see even less of her family, (A)_________ her heart. Mother would not allow her own mother to grow old and weak in a strange place. She said, “I will not let Grandmother end up in a nursing home,” and I admire my mother greatly for this decision. It was not an easy decision for her. When so many others are running away from the problem of (B)________ do about their old parents, my mother stands out remarkably. (A) (B) ① and broke what should they ② that would break what they should ③ that would break what should they ④ and that would break what they should ⑤ and that would break that they should 70 빈칸 (A)와 (B)에 가장 적절한 것끼리 짝지은 것은? Slide41:  Ice hockey is unusual among the major sports in (A) such / that teams frequently play with different numbers of players. Penalties are given for various physical violations that go beyond the sport’s permissive rules of contact. Such penalties result in a player being sent to an isolated area called the penalty box, after which the offender’s team must operate a player (B) short / shortly . This period of time, when teams have different numbers of players, is called a power play, and provides an excellent (C) scoring / scored opportunity for the larger team. (A) (B) (C) ① such short scoring ② such shortly scored ③ such shortly scoring ④ that shortly scored ⑤ that short scoring 71 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide42:  The name dandelion comes from the old French dent de lion, or lion teeth. Some say its jagged leaves (A) resemble / resemble with sharp teeth, while others argue the yellow blooms look like a golden cluster of lion teeth. The dandelion bloom is actually many tiny flowers, each producing a seed (B) attaching / attached to white threads after blooming. The seeds scatter wherever the wind takes them. Thick dark roots support the flower and, while tough on the outside, (C) contain / to contain a milky substance within. (A) (B) (C) ① resemble attaching contain ② resemble with attaching contain ③ resemble attaching to contain ④ resemble with attached to contain ⑤ resemble attached contain 72 (A), (B), (C) 각 네모 안에서 어법에 맞는 표현을 골라 바르게 짝지은 것은? Slide43:  Once, an Arabian filled a saddlebag with milk for a long journey across the desert by horse. After several hours riding he stopped (A)_______. But he found that the milk had been separated into a pale water liquid and solid white lumps. Because the saddlebag, (B)_______ the stomach of a young animal, contained a coagulating enzyme, the milk had been separated into the pale water and solid white lumps by the combination of the enzyme, the hot sun and the running motions of the horse. The nomad found both of them edible. (A) (B) ① to drink the milk what was made from ② to drink the milk which was made from ③ drinking the milk what made from ④ drinking the milk which made from ⑤ drinking the milk which was made from 73 빈칸 (A)와 (B)에 가장 적절한 것끼리 짝지은 것은?

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