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Published on December 18, 2007

Author: Cinderella

Source: authorstream.com

Bio/Psycho/Social + Spiritual:  Bio/Psycho/Social + Spiritual Biological Reasons:  Biological Reasons Possible genetic predisposition Neurotransmitter imbalance Psychological reasons:  Psychological reasons One’s psychological make-up Family dysfunction - escape from pain Irrational beliefs Low frustration threshold Chemical imbalance - mood disorder Social Reasons:  Social Reasons Social and Cultural norms Family’s role Peers A Loner Spiritual Reasons:  Spiritual Reasons Empty inside - something missing Search for more – high / buzz / bliss euphoria / meaning Low self-worth Consequences:  Consequences Physical effects Chronic headaches, chest pains, Heart trouble, blood pressure, Stomach ulcers, appetite loss, Disturbed sleep patterns, Skin irritation Slide7:  Psychological consequences: Ways of thinking, feeling & behaving that re-inforce continued use. Inability to think clearly & denial of reality Agitated state Cant handle feelings Mood swings Slide8:  Social consequences: Relationships damaged Isolation - secrecy Self – obsessed tunnel vision Trust issues Communication difficulties Slide9:  Spiritual consequences: Feels helpless and hopeless Despair Dishonesty with self and others Self-worth diminished Dominated by fear - trapped, not free COMBINE BPS & 12 STEPS:  COMBINE BPS & 12 STEPS SUMMARY:  SUMMARY Multi-dimensional wholistic Approach Multi-disciplinary Team Treatment Environment Gambling not treated in isolation Treatment Programme:  Treatment Programme Lectures, Reading/Writing Assignments, STEPS Group Therapy, Group Discussions Individual Counselling sessions Art Therapy, Meditation, Yoga Practical Therapeutic Assignments G.A./GamAnon Meetings. Guest speakers. STAGES:  STAGES Assessment Treatment Planning Day Programme Residential Programme: 4 weeks Continuing Care Programme: 2 years Extended care facility 3 – 6 months Family Programme Slide14:  www.gamblersanonymous.org Isomain@gamblersanonymous.org wexford aiseiri.ie

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