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Published on October 3, 2007

Author: Megane

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MAGNOLIA/MIDTOWN ACTION TEAM “MMAT”:  MAGNOLIA/MIDTOWN ACTION TEAM “MMAT” May 17, 2005 Update Midtown/Magnolia Action Team:  Midtown/Magnolia Action Team New members added to the Midtown Advisory Group Representatives from 2 neighborhood watch groups Representative from the Midtown Redevelopment Commission Stockton Beautiful Residential Revival Committee:  Residential Revival Committee Grohmann House Looking for grants to move to lot next to Philomathean House Bank of the West Expressed an interest in working more closely with the Midtown group Builder’s Exchange Article Historic renovation of Greg Mace’s House Slide4:  Proposed Economic Incentives for Businesses in the Midtown Reduce fees 50% which is similar to the current Enterprise Zone reductions for Use Permits Temporary Use Permits Variance Requests Building Permits Building Incentive Pilot Program Slide5:  Proposed Midtown Fees 05-06 Fees Home Occupation Permits $500 $100* Use Permits Large Family Childcare $529 $265 Childcare Centers, Pre-school $2,357 $1,188 Temporary Activity Permit $529 $265 Certificate of Appropriateness $150 $ 0 Design Review $250 $0** *Home Occupation Permit reduced fee would be if handled administratively and there is no need to notify surrounding businesses and residences ** If administrative process vs notification process and for signs or other minor adjustments Slide6:  Completed Midtown Marketing Brochure Traveling display case in progress, paid for with grant from PG&E City of Stockton University of the PACIFIC Design Center:  Design Center Created as a resource for midtown residents interested in renovating their homes or for people interested in purchasing homes in the midtown Staffed by ACLC Working on a Frequently Asked Questions brochure Located at the ACLC office, 315 N. San Joaquin Design Center:  Design Center ACLC has identified a midtown home that they will purchase. This purchase process will be used as a case study. MMAT Highlights:  MMAT Highlights Midtown Enforcement Efforts:  Midtown Enforcement Efforts Magnolia Neighborhood 1 Violation Warning Notice 3 Administrative Citations 3 Other Notices* 72 Total Violations 9 Inoperable Vehicles *Notice to Repair, Notice of Civil Penalties, Notice to Vacate, Notice to Abate, Inspection Warrant, Notice to Demolish Fremont Park 14 Violation Warning Notices 17 Other Notices* 552 Total Violations 1 Inoperable Vehicle 300 block of E Magnolia Street:  300 block of E Magnolia Street 3 Transients found in vacant building / Weapons and Paraphernalia seized Midtown Enforcement Efforts Midtown Webpage Stats March 2005:  Midtown Webpage Stats March 2005 Midtown main page: 340 Visitor Sessions ParkStock 2k5 340 Visitor Sessions Stockton's Midtown - Magnolia Community Live   Learn    Work    Walk Midtown Webpage Stats March 2005:  Midtown Webpage Stats March 2005 Midtown Magnolia Historic District page: 89 Visitor Sessions Midtown RDA page: 92 Visitor Sessions University Park Updates:  Projects Summer 2005 Valley Mountain Regional Center Headquarters – has broken ground Pittman School, K-8 – scheduled to break ground next 2 weeks SUSD is working on a groundbreaking ceremony in near future University Park Updates Past Midtown Events:  Past Midtown Events Midtown Health Fair – El Dorado School April 16, 2005 375 attendees Coordinated by UOP University Park Updates Upcoming Events:  University Park Updates Upcoming Events Family Day at University Park (San Joaquin A+ & the Record) September 24, 2005 2nd Annual ParkStock 2K5 (Midtown Youth Event) June 11, 2005, 10 am – 5 pm Eden Square Park Coordinated by Midtown Advisory Board MAGNOLIA/MIDTOWN ACTION TEAM “MMAT”:  MAGNOLIA/MIDTOWN ACTION TEAM “MMAT” Questions?

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