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Published on April 18, 2008

Author: Renato

Source: authorstream.com

SCHOOL SPORT::  SCHOOL SPORT: JOINT PRESENTATION TO THE PORTFOLIO COMMITTEE FOR SPORT AND RECREATION DUAL PROCESSES:  DUAL PROCESSES MTT DoE/ SRSA SCHOOL SPORT SASCOC DoE/ SRSA MTT PROCESS:  MTT PROCESS Ministerial Task Team (MTT) met and consulted for more than 1 year REPORTED TO MINISTER MAJOR RECOMMENDATIONS: Only 2 Macro Structures at national level: Government Department & a NGO Will be formed from NOCSA, SACGA, DISSA, SASC, SRSA, SASSU & USSASA MTT PROCESS:  MTT PROCESS MTT RECOMMENDATIONS (Cont): Need to prioritize sport that government fund Need to establish a National Academy CABINET Cabinet endorsed the MTT report and recommendations ALL PARTIES, INCLUDING USSASA, SIGNED AGREEMENT TO IMPLEMENT THE RECOMMENDATIONS STEERING COMMITTEE:  STEERING COMMITTEE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Government: Mass Participation SASCOC: High Performance Sport GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITIES:  GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITIES MASS PARTICIPATION INCLUDES: All school sport except multi-coded national teams to ISF & COSASSA events Community Mass Participation Programmes Social Leagues Indigenous Games Student intra-campus sport Recreation Talent ID and further development (teachers, educators, etc) SASCOC RESPONSIBILITIES:  SASCOC RESPONSIBILITIES HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORT: Team SA presentation and preparation for Olympic, Paralympic, Commonwealth, All Africa, World Games, (multi-coded games) Academy System, Education & Training Bidding and hosting National Colours RATIONALISATION PROCESS:  RATIONALISATION PROCESS ONLY TWO MACRO-STRUCTURES AT NATIONAL LEVEL SASCOC GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS – SRSA & DoE NOCSA, DISSA, SASC, SACGA, USSASA & SASSU EXPECTED TO WIND DOWN AND CLOSE BY DECEMBER 2005 ALL STRUCTURES HAVE BEGUN TO WIND DOWN, EXCEPT USSASA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SPORT & RECREATION SA PROCESS:  DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SPORT & RECREATION SA PROCESS DoE/SRSA PROCESS:  DoE/SRSA PROCESS 1998 DSR / DoE AGREEMENT 2001 CEPD REPORT CEPD MODEL Roles for SRSA/DoE/Prov DSR & DoE Acknowledgement of the Role of USSASA in School Sport SRSA / DoE FRAMEWORK Governance structure within SASC MTT REPORT Agreed on minimum programme for 2004 Slide11:  SRSA expected to deliver – Portfolio Committee SRSA too dependent on Federations National Treasury – Remove “facilitate”, “coordinate” and “ensure” – Move into delivery phase DoE/SRSA PROCESS (2) Slide12:  Govt has to take the lead role in delivering school sport programmes Collaboration between Sport and Education departments Integrate all school sport programmes DoE/SRSA PROCESS (3) Slide13:  FRAMEWORK FOR COLLABORATION SIGNED: Minister Stofile Minister Pandor 17 March 2005 DoE/SRSA PROCESS (4) Slide14:  Transformation of school sport embedded in the transformation of sport in SA Acknowledges the impediments: Limitations on participation Backlogs in facilities and equipment Lack of participation by Educators & Learners, especially in school located in nodal areas Lack of capacity and financial resources THE FRAMEWORK Slide15:  Accepts that Government must play a central and interventionist role in the transformation of sport and recreation SRSA and DoE are best placed to provide the leadership required to achieve the vision of equity, access, quality and mass participation, curricular and extracurricular activities, including Physical Education programmes THE FRAMEWORK (2) Slide16:  To formalise Government’s responsibility for PE and School Sport To foster a sense of pride and patriotism through properly managed school sport programmes To ensure and increase access to facilities, school sport and PE To ensure that Human Movement / PE is provided incrementally OBJECTIVES OF THE FRAMEWORK Slide17:  To facilitate the integration of PE courses as part of professional teacher development To develop the capacity of learners to participate en masse To organise inclusive and integrated school sport programmes To strategically link school sport programmes to national interventions e.g. substance abuse, HIV & AIDS, crime, etc. OBJECTIVES OF THE FRAMEWORK (2) MODEL FOR THE LEVELS OF RESPONSIBILITY & TARGET GROUPS:  MODEL FOR THE LEVELS OF RESPONSIBILITY & TARGET GROUPS Slide19:  SRSA DoE NATIONAL COORDINATING COMMITTEE (NACOC) COORDINATION AND MANAGEMENT S&R MINISTRY EDUCATION MINISTRY COMPOSITION OF NACOC:  COMPOSITION OF NACOC SRSA, DOE TEACHER UNIONS (4) NATIONAL SCHOOLS GOVERNING BODIES (2) 9 REPS - PROVINCIAL DoE 9 REPS – PROVINCIAL DSR SASCOC RESPONSIBILITIES OF NACOC:  RESPONSIBILITIES OF NACOC Sanctioning, coordination, management and monitoring of all national school sport programmes Ensuring access and mass participation in school sport programmes Ensuring racial integration, gender equity, rural inclusion, etc. Synergizing annual planning Mediating contractual arrangements with sponsors RESPONSIBILITIES OF NACOC (2):  RESPONSIBILITIES OF NACOC (2) Reports to DoE, SRSA, donors and sponsors Monitoring the provision and development of infrastructure Advising the departments on policy and legislative issues Sharing best practices PROGRESS WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT OF NACOC:  PROGRESS WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT OF NACOC Framework document tabled at the Council of Education Ministers (CEM), S&R MinMEC, Heads of Education Departments Committee (HEDCOM), S&R TIC; and circulated among strategic partners, including teacher unions, national associations of SGBs Stakeholders have been invited to nominate representatives Nominations received from most stakeholders, including Provincial Sport & Recreation and Education Departments; Teacher unions, National SGB associations Code-specific NACOC subcommittees will be established by December 2005 PROGRESS WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT OF NACOC:  PROGRESS WITH THE ESTABLISHMENT OF NACOC NACOC HAD FIRST WORKING MEETING ON 29 & 30 JULY UNIONS, SCHOOL GOVERNING BODIES AND PROVINCIAL DEPARTMENTS WELCOMED THE ESTABLISHMENT OF NACOC SET OUT A TIME TABLE FOR THE ROLLING OUT OF STRUCTURES PROVINCES EXPRESSED THEIR STATE OF READINESS PROPOSE THAT NACOC BE LAUNCHED DEC ’05 DURING THE SUMMER GAMES IN PE. PROVINCIAL ROLES:  PROVINCIAL ROLES PROVINCIAL DEPARTMENTS TO SIGN AGREEMENTS REPLICATE NACOC AT PROVINCIAL LEVEL (PROCOCS) SET UP STRUCTURES AT REGIONAL AND DISTRICT LEVEL RELAUNCH CODE STRUCTURES FROM SCHOOL TO PROVINCIAL LEVEL PROGRAMMES FOR 2005/06:  PROGRAMMES FOR 2005/06 NATIONAL ATHLETICS: Primary School in Rustenburg on 18-19 March; & Secondary Schools in Cape Town on 20-21 March WINTER GAMES: DURBAN, 27-30 June Approx 3 732 learners and educators Netball, soccer, volleyball, rugby, chess, basketball, Table tennis & hockey Government covered all costs GIRLS GAMES: 05-08 August (Johannesburg) CROSS COUNTRY, KIMBERLEY, 30 September RURAL & FARM SCHOOL PROJECT, JHB, 19-21 August (Supported by Transnet) NODAL SCHOOLS SPORT DEVELOPMENT: JBN, 08-09 December (funded by Transnet) INDIGENOUS GAMES: NELSPRUIT, 23-26 September SUMMER GAMES: PORT ELIZABETH, 2 - 6 December PROGRAMMES FOR 2005/06 (2):  PROGRAMMES FOR 2005/06 (2) NATIONAL ATHLETICS CHAMPS Secondary schools: Durban in March/April 2006 Primary schools: Bloemfontein in March/April 2006 CAPACITY BUILDING PROGRAMMES DELIVERY OF THE 2005/06 PROGRAMME:  DELIVERY OF THE 2005/06 PROGRAMME DOE & SRSA WILL REQUEST USSASA’S SUPPORT FOR THE 2005 PROGRAMMES THE DEPARTMENTS (NATIONAL AND PROVINCIAL) WILL FUND THE PROGRAMMES NO LEARNER WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY MEETING WITH USSASA:  MEETING WITH USSASA DEPUTY MINISTER MET WITH USSASA INFORMED THEM OF GOVERNMENT’S PLAN TO ORGANISE SCHOOL SPORT REMINDED THEM TO WIND DOWN BY 15 DECEMBER IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MTT PROCESS REQUESTED USSASA TO ASSIST WITH A SMOOTH TRANSITION MINISTER STOFILE’S VIEWS:  MINISTER STOFILE’S VIEWS THE NEED FOR A STRUCTURE LIKE USSASA HAS EXPIRED GOVERNMENT WILL NOW TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR SCHOOL SPORT WITH THE EDUCATORS PLAYING A PIVOTAL ROLE EXPECT USSASA TO WIND DOWN AS AGREED CANNOT FORCE USSASA TO CLOSE BUT GOVERNMENT WILL IMPLEMENT ITS PLANS FOR SCHOOL SPORT

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