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Published on October 14, 2008

Author: deliciousoranges18

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My presentation is about soccer, specifically the Hamilton Football Club. Although Hamilton FC does not yet exist, my proposal is directed to the MLS (Major League Soccer) organization in order to allow a new expansion team to be built in Hamilton, Ontario by 2011.

#05051802 A Ferocious Proposal A Major League Soccer Expansion Team Request

Expansion Request Outline Every year the MLS allows an expansion team to join the league. The MLS currently has 14 teams. Also, the MLS has accepted proposals from 2 more teams to join the league within the next two years; the Seattle Sounders in 2009 and the Montreal Impact in 2010. With these additions there league will have 16 teams, 4 less than the traditional league. This means that there is only 4 more spaces available for expansion teams. The competition for the possible explanation team slot is now very competitive. There is currently only one Canadian team in the MLS, Toronto FC, however the Montreal Impact have been accepted by the MLS as a new expansion team and will begin playing in the highest level of North American soccer within two years. This is the goal for the possible Hamilton franchise. Hamilton FC would be suitable candidates for one of the remaining expansion slots for many reasons. Currently there is no USL or ASL (American Soccer League) team in Hamilton, meaning the soccer fan population is untapped. As shown two years ago with the creation of Toronto FC, Canadians are very passionate about soccer, despite the heavy criticism from the Canadian media. Toronto FC has shown this through their record breaking profits (second only to Los Angeles). The city of Hamilton would not have to build a soccer specific stadium. HFC could operate like many other MLS teams by sharing a venue with another professional team. This other professional team would be the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the venue would be the Ivor Wynne Stadium. The team crest would include a yellow and black tiger, and would resemble that of Hull City Football Club from the English Premiership. The colours would be yellow and black, this would help to keep the ‘tiger- town’ motif. This would help unite the CFL and MLS teams in Hamilton.

Jerseys The team colours for HFC are Yellow and Black. The home jerseys consist of both team colours (Right). The away jerseys are Orange and Black (Above).

Stadium Information The city of Hamilton would not have to build a stadium like many other expansion teams had to do in previous years because they could use the Ivor Wynne Stadium. There are positive aspects to sharing one venue for two teams. For example, as we have seen in other MLS teams such as the Kansas City Wizards (who play in a minor league baseball stadium), joining teams can increase home game attendance significantly for both teams. If the franchise is successful within the first two seasons it is highly possible that a soccer specific stadium could be built in Hamilton. We have seen many examples of this in the United States with teams such as the Colorado Rapids.

Toronto FC - Financial Breakdown 2007 Value $44 Million Revenue $17 Million Operating Income $2.1 Million Sponsorship $4 Million 3% 6% 25% 66%

MLS Profit Comparison 2007 LA Galaxy - $36 Toronto FC - $17 Chicago Fire - $16 FC Dallas - $15 New York Red Bulls - $10 40 30 Million USD 20 10 0 Revenue/2007

HFC vs Ti-Cats With the introduction of a second professional sports team in Hamilton we expect an increase in game attendance and merchandise sales. These increases should come from an increasing fan base. At one time Hamilton was home to two football teams at once, the Wildcats and the Tigers. The teams could not reach financial stability because of the rivalry between fans, dividing the city. This introduction should not repeat the failure because of the contrast between the teams. The problem with two football teams in the same town was a separation of fans because both teams played in the same league. Now that the two teams play in the CFL and MLS respectively, there should no longer be a rivalry between fans. Instead there should be an overall increase in profits because of a unified city of fans.

Hamilton, The Next Big Thing The proposal to bring an MLS team to Hamilton will have many positive affects, not only in developing Canadian soccer, but also in the city of Hamilton itself. First, by creating a third MLS team in Canada, our country will be closer the participating in the UEAFA Champions League. 2007-2008 was the first time that there was a UEAFA tournament held in Canada, but with only one MLS team at the time, it was not a proper tournament. Now with three Canadian teams there can truly be a North American Champions League. Also, by expanding the MLS to Hamilton, the city will see waves of tourists and investments coming into the city. This was the case for Toronto FC and most other MLS franchises. There will be a constant stream of away fans who will travel to Hamilton approximately 20 times a season. Also, the addition of such a team would surely raise the profile and knowledge of the city of Hamilton across the continent.

Team Canada One major factor that could lead to the expansion of a Hamilton team is development. Once an MLS team is created, they begin to develop local talent and players. Some teams, such as Toronto FC, create academies devoted to the development of young players. These academies heavily focus on the development of young Canadian players. This is a very positive process because is has several benefits. First, it strengths the MLS team itself with home-grown players, reducing the need to spend money to buy players. Also, it helps to strengthen the Canadian nation soccer team by adding skilled Canadian players. These benefits have already been noticed across Canada thanks solely to the efforts of Toronto FC. With the creation of another Canadian team we will ensure that Canada qualifies for the next major soccer tournament (2010 World Cup in South Africa).

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