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Published on October 22, 2018

Author: rokblokrecordplayer

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Thank You For Watching: Bringing Back the Nostalgia - RokBlok Thank You For Watching: RokBlok - A Different Spin on Vinyl RokBlok is a magnificent record player that doesn’t require a turntable. The record stays stationary while this little record layer spins on top of the records. You just have to place the record on a flat surface! It is literally a new spin on an old technology. For more details about this little portable record player, you can follow RokBlok account on Behance. Thank You For Watching: With RokBlok making its entry in the contemporary market, the popularity of vinyl is also increasing. The product is bringing back the nostalgia. A large number of people have already placed their orders for the gadget. We recommend you follow RokBlok account on Levo for minute product details. It is literally a piece of wood that has enthralled the audiophiles and music lovers. It plays records without a stereo. You can play vinyl anywhere, anytime, as per your mood and convenience. For bolder sound effects, you can also connect the device to your headphones or speakers via Bluetooth. Thank You For Watching: Yes! The bounce is back with this infinitely portable record player. Get yours at our website at really affordable rates. This device has helped the vinyl defy all the odds and make a comeback. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that longs for up to 4 hours and can be charged in 2 hours. The device also works for 2 days on standby. Get in touch with us on our official website and know more about the device- its features, price, etc. We are sure that you will not be disappointed with this little box of music that spreads pleasure wherever it is. You don’t have to wait anymore for a perfect set-up to listen to your favorite records. All you have to do is place the record on a flat surface and the RokBlok above it! Thank You For Watching: Thank You For Watching

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