04 Mar 09 Osint Mapping And Screening People (Intro)

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Published on March 4, 2009

Author: mumlan

Source: slideshare.net


Infosphere High level intro to people and network due dilligence ( screening). contact opcenter@infosphere.se for more information

MAPPING PEOPLE For secure business employment and sales business,

A BRAVE NEW WORLD • MTV‐NINTENDO‐PLAYSTATION‐ FACEBOOK disorder syndrome • Fl ibl thi Flexible ethics • Increased mobility • 3 year syndrome d • Globalization –Competition‐ Environmental conscience  Environmental conscience • Evolving Technologies


TARGETS, METHODS AND PLAYERS PAST PRESENT FUTURE Data Information Intelligence g Patents Plans Ideas News Price lists Key target ( ) y g (s) Intentions Market research Customer li t Ct lists Inventions Products Market messages Data & Text mining Text retrieval 6 degrees Secondary Research Secondary Research Primary research y Method (s) Information synthesis Information synthesis Information synthesis Secondary Research & some Human Eliciting primary Content Aggregators gg g Big 3 consultancies g Players Commercial Intelligence Player Research consultancies Analytical houses Governmental Intelligence playe ”Omvärldsbevakare” Broker firms Criminals Business Intelligence ”Omvärldsanalytiker” Competitors Webagents Competitive Intelligence p g Low/Medium/Low Value/Cost/Risk Medium/High/Low High/Low-Medium/High

90 % OF WHAT IS NEEDED IS IN THE OPEN Human Nature Industrial Open (social engineering) espionage – Commercial databases – Recruiting – Internet – Social BragInt High – AskInt – 3rd party grey (consultancies) – 3rd party white py (consultancies) – Elicitation at – Theft trade shows, – Hacking – Public records um symposia act – Intrusion – Public archives Target C T t Company Mediu Impa – Disinformation – Placing – Patent office as a catalyst employees – Market surveys – Discussion groups –T l h Telephone puzzlel – Yellow pages – Log files – Library Low – TrashInt – Promotional Active monitoring material Low Medium High Risk of exposure

Who could be interested to find out more? Who could be interested to find out more? Investment  Organized  Current &  Individuals &  banks &  Consultants &  “Activists” Activists crime & eco crime & eco‐ Former  Former Investors Industry  Competitors terrorists Employees Research Industrial Human Nature Open espionage (social engineering) – Commercial databases – Recruiting – Internet High Active monitoring – Social BragInt – AskInt H – 3rd party grey (consultancies) – 3rd party white (consultancies) – Theft – Elicitation at trade shows, symposia Medium – Public records – Hacking – Disinformation as a catalyst mpact – Public archives – Intrusion – Discussion groups M Im – Patent office – Placing employees – Telephone puzzle – Market surveys – Log files – TrashInt – Yellow pages Low – Library – TrashInt – Promotional material Active monitoring Low Medium High Risk of exposure

Distributed Collection &  Using technology to map the billions  6 degrees Search the networks, map the networks dynamically Conversations as a catalyst C ti tl t

Methods 1: Public  6: Mapping pp g 7: Interviews Records R d 2: Internet  5: Associate 8: Monitoring (web, social, blogs,  search 1‐3 13 internet archive) internet archive) 3: For Fee 9: Mapping 4: Structuring and analysis Aggregators gg g

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