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Published on October 15, 2014

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1. Volume 38 Issue 4 February 2007 SmokeSignals Monthly Feature: PT Couples Pages 6 & 7 pt focus Index News Troupe 185’s production of Shenandoah Page 3 Opinion What electives should you take next year? Pages 4 & 5 Sports Boys’ basketball season wrap up. Pages 8 Smoke Signals, Online, Page 3 Milchovich makes move to main office Arts on display Dean of Students Mr. Milchovich reviews his email to locate student issues as part of his new position. “Many students do not have the chance to see what’s going on in other departments” PTHS competes on Hometown High-Q Emily Bigley Staff Writer News Ashley Czajkowski Staff Writer Mrs. Mary Fecher, Library Secretary On January 13th, five PTHS students competed on KDKA’s quiz show Hometown High-Q, designed for academically talented students. The PT team was comprised of senior captain Kevin Danchisko, junior Elizabeth Zeffiro, and freshmen John Wawrose competed on Hometown High-Q. The team was coached by social studies teacher Mr. Mark Redilla. The Peters team battled against Ringgold and Redbank Valley. Although Peters came in last place with a score of 380 (Ringgold 400, Redbank Valley 460), it was a well-rounded competition. Peters Township High School hopes to become a regular contender on the show for years to come. Considering being invited to participate in the show for the first time was an accomplishment. The match is based on the It’s Academic format, which is another high school game show competition. There are five rounds in the game that all include sets of questions. Before the start of Round 1, each team is given 100 points. During the first round, “Start Smart,” each team is asked a series of ten questions that have a universal topic. Every question that is answered correctly results in 10 points added to the team’s total. If the answer to the question is incorrect, 10 points will be subtracted. For the duration of the second round, “Database,” students Photo submitted by Jaylan Pinto Photo by Bill Berry are asked a sequence of six questions. Luckily, if a team answers incorrectly there is no penalty. For each question answered accurately, teams pick up 20 points. During the third and fourth rounds, “Pix File” and Advantage Round,” visual aids on the team’s monitors and envelopes filled with questions come into play. The final round, “Quicktime,” is based solely on speed. Each team has a member start on the buzzer. After Ken Rice finishes asking the question, the floor is open to whoever hits their buzzer first. The point values in this round range from 20-30 points. Students can watch Hometown High-Q every Saturday on KDKA television. The 2006 school year has brought many changes to the high school, including the new position of Dean of Students. Former mathematics teacher Nick Milchovich accepted the new job in mid-November. This role was created so that students could go directly to an administrator with any issues and that administrator would be available to give his full attention to the student body. Milchovich’s new position not only required him moving from his third floor classroom to the principal’s office, but it also put him in charge of disciplinary actions, parking passes, attendance, and supervision of students. The new position is a learning experience and he said it is hard to compare this position with teaching because they are so different. Though he misses being in the classroom, Milchovich said of his new position that he now has an opportunity to work with students on a different level. Other job perks include on increase in salary, a new office, and the ability to control his schedule. Though he undecided about whether he will be back in the classroom or the office next year, he has had a positive experience. “Dr. Hajzus and Mr. Henaghan have been great and I have learned a lot.” The PTHS students and faculty have expressed confidence in Milchovich as the Dean of Students. “By promoting Mr. Milchovich it’s a huge benefit because it saves the principals time from having to train a brand new employee,” Media teacher Mrs. Erin Boni noted. Rachel Horensky Co Editor-In-Chief The Library Arts Café is an annual, weeklong event that showcases and gives students a chance to view the school’s elective departments. Each day of this week, the library hosts a different “act”. These acts can range from students sculpting on the potter’s wheel to artistic photography posted throughout the library. On Monday, the Café will host the theater department. Tuesday will consist of visual arts such as sculpting, painting, and computer design. The orchestra will be performing during the Café on Wednesday. The media departments, including photography, journalism, and broadcasting, can be seen on Thursday. The Café will also boast a rock band on the Friday of that week. “Many students do not have the chance to see what’s going on in other departments,” according to Mrs. Mary Fecher, the library secretary. The Café, however, gives students a chance to witness first hand the different classes they may have thought they would never have had interest in. This is especially convenient because it is hosted right before scheduling. Thus, the Café consequently gives students a chance to perhaps take a new interest in a class they may have not been aware of prior to the Café. After watching the various acts, students have an opportunity to meander throughout the library, socialize, and purchase food and drinks. The proceeds from selling food will then go towards sponsoring Drop Everything and Read days (DEAR) and the library luncheons. The Library Arts Café takes place during all nine periods during the week of March 2nd. Students will attend the Café with their English class.

2. PT Reference February 2007 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Smoke Signals Smoke Signals is produced seven times during a school year by the students of Media II,III, IV Journalism and extracurricular staff at Peters Township High School, 264 E. McMurray Road, McMurray PA 15317. Telephone: 724-941- 6250 x.5379. E-mail: sitlern@pt-sd.org. Commentaries, reviews, and opinion columns are the expressed opinion of the author and not of Smoke Signals, its adviser or the Peters Township School District. Member of the Pennsylvania School Press Association. Co-Editors in Chief Kaitlin Houser Rachel Horensky Kara Krawiec Layout Editor Catherine McCarron News Editor Angelina Nepa Life & Style Editor Colleen Counihan Opinion Editor Brittany Beyer Sports Editor Sean-Paul Mauro Marketing Editiors Emily Bigley Nick Sikora Staff Writers Jessica Berardino, Bill Berry, Emily Big-ley, Ashley Czajowski, Garrett Dennis, Drew Karpen, Sean Naccarelli, Chris Portz, Derek Redding, Brendan Sikora, Nick Sikora, Renee Wunderlich Layout Team Megan Enscoe, Katie Gavlick, Stepha-nie Gillece, Lisa Lerario, Adviser Nicole Sitler 1 Girls Varsity Basketball @ Shaler 7:30 Boys Varsity Wres-tling vs. Mt Lebo 7:30 Varsity Ice Hockey @ Greater Latrobe 7:30 2 Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Mt Pleasant 7:30 Ground Hog Day 3 4 5 Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Trinity 7:30 Senior Rec. 6 Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Moon 7:30 Pay A Compliment Day 7 Varsity Wrestling vs. Hopewell 7:30 8 Varsity Ice Hockey @ TJ 6:15 Girls Varsity Bas-ketball @ Cannon Mac 7:30 9 Varsity Wrestling @ Montour 7:00 Boys Varsity Basketball @ Cannon Mac 7:30 10 Snowball 7:30-10:30 11 Satisfied Staying Single Day 12 Varsity Ice Hockey vs. Montour 9:30 13 14 15 16 Varsity Wrestling @ Greensburg Salem 7:00 17 18 19 No School 20 21 For the Love of Milk Day 22 Varsity Ice Hockey @ Elizabeth For-ward 6:15 Faculty Dodgeball Game 6:00 23 24 25 26 Varsity Ice Hockey vs Erie Cathedral Prep 7:30 27 28 International Pancake Day

3. News J. Berardino A. Czajkowski R. Wunderlich A. Nepa Outside Pizza Patron, a Dallas based pizza company, has begun accepting Mexican pesos at all of its 59 locations scattered throughout Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado. Andrew Gamm, director of brand development for the firm asserted, “We know that a large number of them travel back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico and consequently have some pesos left over in their pocket. The pizza business is extremely competitive and…this was a way to position ourselves in relation to our competitors.” Never before has any U.S. company accepted Mexican currency so far from the border. A zoo in Adelaide, Australia, recently put a group of humans on display so that scientists can observe their behavior over the course of a month and make conjectures about the influence of captivity on large primates. The zoo’s visitors have a chance to vote for their favorite subject and the winner will reside over the entire zoo as resident “Super human.” Billed by the zoo as “Big Brother Behind Bars,” volunteers imitating primates wear mikes and act out in front on webcams. New Jersey’s legislature recently convened and proposed cutting the word “idiot” from its state constitution. The words “no idiot or insane person should enjoy the right of suffrage” were penned nearly 150 years ago. State Senate President Richard Codey, the father of the legislation, declared that “idiot” is “outdated, vague, offensive to many and may be subject to misinterpretation.” Codey intends to extend voting rights to people with emotional or cognitive disabilities. On January 11, thousands marched in New Orleans to city hall to protest of a string of recent murders. “We have come to lodge our complaint…We have come to declare that a city that could not be drowned in the floods of a storm will not be drowned in the blood of its citizens.” Reverend J.C. Raphael explained. Since the beginning of the year, eight murders have been committed. Nakita Shavers, sister to one of the victims, recently said, “My intention is to … become a prominent politician for this city…but the sad part is, if the violence keeps up the way that it is, I won’t have a city to come back to.” Planning to stop drunk drivers Toyota Motor Corporation is developing a reliable system for cars that automatically shuts down the vehicle if its sensors pick up signs of excessive alcohol consumption. The cars fitted with this detection system will not start if sweat sensors in the steering wheel recognize a large amount of alcohol in the driver’s bloodstream. The system could also be useful if the sensors detect unusual steering. If this would occur, the car would then be slowed to a stop. The system could also take action and slow to a stop if the special camera installed along with this system shows that the driver’s pupils are not in focus. The system not only hopes to prevent drunk driving but to prevent driving while drowsy or fatigued. “By the end of 2009, Toyota hopes to fit cars with this system,” according to Barry Wood returns to Troupe 185 with Shenandoah In March, PTHS Thespian Troupe 185 will be performing the Broadway musical Shenandoah. English teacher Barry Wood is directing, with Ryan Perrotte serving as musical director and Donna Fox conducting the orchestra. Dawn Basham student directs while Renee Wunderlich serves as stage manager. Shenandoah, like previous spring musicals, brings together many students and teachers from the Music and Theatre departments. “My favorite part of the show is working with the students, I love the rehearsal process and I am thrilled to be working with Mr. Perrotte, Mrs. Fox, and technical director Mr. Walsh…We have a great team,” stated Wood. Shenandoah stars Thomas Rauch as Charlie Anderson, Paige Venanzi as Jenny, Tom Norton as “the boy”, Carl Mitchell as Sam, Becky Rosky as Anne, Taylor Piedmonte as James, and Abu Shettima as Gabrielle. Performances will be March 1st at 7:00, and March 2nd and 3rd at 7:30. Tickets are $7 for general admission and $4 for students and seniors. Smoke Signals goes high tech PTHS has stepped into the 21st century: Smoke Signals is now accessible on the web. The new online version will not only feature the same topic categories as the monthly hard copy of the paper, but also extra articles, pictures, and surveys. P r e p a ra t i o n for what is hoped to be the new number one resource for high school student news officially started at the end of last November. “Mrs. the Associated Press. Another Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan Motor Corporation, has already been researching and experimenting with breathalyzer-like devices. These devices could potentially detect if the driver was drunk. Similar technologies, such as alcohol ignition interlocks, are in use in the U.S. and elsewhere. Actions such as these are being taken to hopefully reduce the spike in drunk driving crashes that not only the U.S. is experiencing, but other countries such as Japan are enduring as well. For example, Japan experienced a series of alcohol-related accidents last year. These incidents prompted increased research and experimenting in order to get these new cars on the road as soon as possible. Sekely’s computer class worked on designing the layout for the website. It had to be something both functional and visually appealing,” said Mrs. Sitler, journalism teacher and coordinator of the Smoke Signals website. S e k e l y ’ s classes submitted their best original designs, the top three were then forwarded to Sitler’s journalism classes. Her newspaper staff voted on their favorite The Tony award winning Shenandoah centers around a widower, Charlie Anderson, who lives with his large family in Virginia during the Civil War. Anderson does not wish to be involved in the war because he doesn’t consider it relevant to his family. However, the family is forced into action when the youngest son is taken prisoner by Union Soldiers. Shenandoah marks the return of Wood as a director in Troupe 185. Wood, who created the troupe in 1970, said, “Shenandoah is a challenging, serious musical which contrasts the previous productions this season.” The main theme of Shenandoah is family, both immediate and worldwide. “Throughout the show, the central character discovers that he is part of the family of man…he realizes that every man and woman on this planet is his brother and his sister and we are all responsible for taking care of each other,” said Wood. layout, which was the one developed by freshman Andrea Briggs. “I tried to make something user-friendly-really understandable- and easy on the eyes. It wasn’t hard to do, and it was a lot of fun,” said Briggs. While the site is still currently under construction, Sitler hopes to have it fully operating by the beginning of February. She also plans on featuring it at the annual Library Arts Café. “The goal is to eventually have this site to not only showcase the newspaper, but for it to be something all media classes can contribute to. We’ll be adding photos and short video clips, as well as further developing student surveys and other interactive activities. It will be a mass PTHS media center.” To access the Smoke Signals website, just go to the Peters Township High School homepage and look for the link: PTHS newspaper, “Smoke Shenandoah marks the return of Wood as a director in Troupe 185. Ashley Czajkowski Staff Writer Taylor Piedmonte Staff Writer Renee Wunderlich Staff Writer Entries submitted by Angelina Nepa Photo by Sean Naccarelli Sophomore Julia Broglie visits Smoke Signals website, the brand new faction of PTHS news-paper.

4. Opinion B. Beyer G. Dennis N. Sikora S. Naccarelli Classic love stays in style Classic love never goes out of style.According to dictionary.com, a “chick flick” is a movie directed towards a female audience that displays deep emotions of love and conflict resolution. Yes, the chick flick is known for its basic storyline: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, a problem arises and then boy and girl end up back together in the end. For some reason, though, these steps can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to make the basic chick flick interesting enough for hundreds of similar, but still unique, plots for movies. So to get ready for those romantic days of February, here are a few suggestions of the classic chick flicks that should definitely be watched during this season of love. Sleepless in Seattle- Ah, two people brought together by a radio show that go to great lengths to meet and ultimately fall in love. Is there a better example of a chick flick? Oh, I think not. When a little boy calls into a local radio show in Seattle to tell the story of his widower father and how all he wants for his dad is to find a wife, of course, hundreds of women are moved by this and send in letters from all over the country to offer marriage proposals. One woman in particular feels a connection to this man and his son and knows that she needs to meet him, even though she’s already engaged. This 90’s classic has captured the hearts of thousands with the help of the dynamitic duo, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Miss Congeniality- This stars the sensational Sandra Bullock. This movie has just the right ingredients to make the perfect piece of chick flick greatness. When Gracie Hart, a woman that has anything but “grace”, has to go undercover as a Miss America beauty pageant contestant to save the show, this strong-willed leading lady makes us laugh out loud. Bullock pulls this character off with just the right amount of sass and class with a little hopeless romantic side to make this movie worth seeing again and again. How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days- ABC and Fox attract viewers “ What’s your favorite Romantic Movie “I liked the Notebook.” Valentine’s Day He Said vs. She Said Nick Sikora Brittany Beyer Drew Karpen Opinion Writer Kara Krawiec Co Editor-In-Chief Is Valentine’s Day a Hallmark No way, but it is definitely blown out of proportion by them. Who would be your ideal Justin Broglie because his break dancing skills are absurd. What would be the best Valentine’s Day gift for Getting accepted to Parson’s. Actually, getting accepted into college in general. What do you plan to do on Valentine’s Ask my boyfriend! It’s a mystery to me. The New Year started off with a bang when several TV series premiered in January. The popular series on ABC and Fox were anticipated to be bigger and better than before, but the shows did not live up to the much-anticipated hype. ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and Lost, all came out with new episodes last month. Everyone seems to be in love with the show Grey’s Anatomy. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about how much they love it. “It has a phenomenal cast with really interesting, surprising twists in the show, not to mention the fact that I’m practically in love with McDreamy”, said senior Brandi Kohne. Desperate Housewives is back, but boring and not really entertaining. On the other hand, the new season of Lost is going to be the best one yet because of the unexpected twist that will occur. Fox had three main shows premiering in January: Prison Break, American Idol, and 24. Senior Kerstin Makowski said that Prison Break “is intriguing and adventurous because the second season is all about the brothers and their escape.” Next, American Idol is very entertaining because at first you There was a real St. Valentine, so I guess it’s a holiday. Hallmark definitely invented the holiday though. Its a tough choice between Connor Tarwater and Sean-Paul Mauro. Close third is Justin Broglie. Advil. Because 50% of the girls I know and 83.6% of those I don’t know give me headaches, and the whole holiday is about girls. Decide on a Valentine. Jessica Policz, ‘09 “I love A Walk to Remem-ber.” Savannah Lindberg, ‘07 “Texas Chainsaw Massacre is definatley the best.” Mary Irwin, ‘08 “My favorite romantic movie is Gone with the Wind.” Tom Norton, ‘10

5. 5 Smoke Signals February 2007 Effective elective enlightenment It is 8:45 A.M. and you hear your phone buzz; you open your phone and read the text message, “Wat classes r u takin?” You realize you have not even thought about next year’s classes, and start to panic. As a senior, I have gone through all the struggles of deciding which classes to choose, and I would recommend listening to the guidance counselors’ presentation. This presentation gave general information on the electives offered and advice on how to plan next year’s schedule. Step one in making the right choice is to look at all your options in order to have a complete perspective of what is offered. Then, balance required classes with elective classes. With your open periods, choose the electives that would be most interesting and which ones could possibly wait until the following year. If you have any interest in media, then your schedule will be tight. I have been in journalism for two years, and I had to make several choices in order to keep this class. My best suggestion would be to take summer gym. This was the best decision I ever made, because it freed up one elective allowing me take something else. What classes are beneficial to college? From my experience, and from talking to other people, I have come up with a must-take list. First, if all possible, take Writing Workshop. This class has improved my writing, given me more confidence, and helped me to write my college essays. Next, take a Media class -- Production, Journalism, Photography, or Broadcasting -- because these class teach independence and time management skills, two essentials to survive in college. Senior Heather Sickmund said, “I would suggest taking Media I if you have any interest in taking a media class. I only got to take Yearbook because I was in an Honors English class. Yearbook has been such a fun class.” A yearlong class, Personal Finance, will help you to balance a checkbook and write a check, among many other things that all are necessary in order to live on your own. These are only a few of the many electives to take. Whether your interests lie in architecture, the arts/ theater, writing, music, accounting, childhood growth, or anything else, Kaitlin Houser Co Editor-In-Chief What’s your favorite “ Elcetive “Music Theory is my favorite elective because I’m in Garrett’s class, and Doc is an awesome teacher. Know thy clefs. ” Keith Quinn, ‘09 “Dan like Ceramics, yay.” Dan Urbanowicz, ‘08 “World Mythology because it was a fun class that you can talk to your friends in.” Chris Schilling, ‘07 “Accounting because it is a lot of fun and it wasn’t hard.” Sam Fortna, ‘10 take the opportunity now and find your niche. You may be thinking only nine periods and four years of high school is not enough time to fit everything in that you want to take. Paninis: lunch time winners Nick Sikora Staff Writer It seems that in the first few months after New Years fewer and fewer people keep with the mounds of New Year’s resolutions that they promised. And why not, its two months into the new year, its cold outside, and cutting carbs really isn’t all that its cracked up to be. Watching other people eating “guilty foods” doesn’t help much with dieting either. Eventually, a loaf of bread somewhere will call a carb conscious person’s name, and then the hunt for grains is on - but don’t worry, because dieting fails all the time, every time. Even with the new and improved healthy school lunches, diets usually don’t work. Whole grain cookies can only do so much; they’re still cookies despite the foreign, bamboo taste. Aside from a huge limit on fries and the cookies that just aren’t up to par with last year’s gems, there are things to look forward to at lunch. Take the Panini line, for example. Quite possibly the best thing since the internet, school paninis are the most delicious lunch item to eat in the entire school. Every day the flavor is new, and just thinking about the day’s Panini can be enough to take a Monday and make it worth going to school. At many r e s t a u r a n t s , grilled sandwiches are quite good, and the Peters School district apparently decided to go out on a limb and make extremely good food available every day. Pressed Cuban sandwiches that are widely sold in Florida are absolutely amazing, and with the popularity of “Quite possibly the best thing since the internet, school paninis are the most delicious lunch item to eat in the entire school.” the Primanti Brothers style sandwich, it’s no surprise that the school jumped on the bandwagon and combined not only grilling, but also introduced new Photo by Nick Sikora Junior Nick Fazio buys a delicious steak and cheese panini. Lines were often long but these sandwiches are worth the wait.

6. T V E B P Jess Berardino & Zack DeFelice How long have you been together? We have been together for three months; we are a brand new couple. What first attracted you to the other person? We started out the school year in the same class, and I thought he was so cute. Who asked whom out first? I offered to take him home from school and we would hang out at his house. When we were sitting on his couch one day he asked me if I Becky Pfeifer & Timmy Reeder How long have you been together? Almost four months. What first attracted you to the other person? He was fun to hang out with and easy to talk to…plus he had a cute smile. Who asked out whom? Timmy asked me out. would want to date him and I said yes! Describe your first date. We went to go and see Open Season. Then we went to Bravos for dinner. Coincidentally Mr. & Mrs. Pinto How long have you been together? Five years in May. What first attracted you to the other person? Mr. Pinto’s sense of humor. Mr. Pinto liked that Mrs. Pinto was older and wiser. Who asked out whom? Mrs. Pinto gave Mr. Pinto her phone number and then Mr. Pinto called and asked Mrs. Pinto out. Photo submitted by Mrs. Pinto Photo submitted by Jess Berardino Photo submitted by Becky Pfeifer L O

7. Emily Labovitz & Mike Debowski How long have you been together? Two months What first attracted you to the other person? The way Mike would drool when he fell asleep in study hall and the even more attractive way Emily would drool when she was still awake. Who asked whom out first? It was mutual. Describe your first date. It consisted of hanging out at the Half Price Book Chelsea Ali & Mark Chedgy How long have you been together? We’ve been together for seven months. What first attracted you to the other person? I noticed his sweet personality. I felt very comfortable around him. And I thought he was very very cute! Who asked out whom? Mark asked me out first. Describe your first date. We went out for lunch. I was pretty shy at first, but really enjoyed getting to know him. After that we spent almost everyday of the summer together. N ... Photo submitted by Emily Labovitz Melanie Zuccarini & Matt Bianco Photo submitted by Chelsea Ali B E G I S How long have you been together? Roughly two years. What first attracted you to the other person? Mel was funny. Who asked out whom? I asked Mel out at Homecoming.

8. Sp rts Sean-Paul Mauro extra p int Chris Portz Emily Bigley Young talent gives PT hope for future Sean-Paul Mauro Sports Editor With a sub 500 hundred season and no playoff victory to show for it – some PT seniors might not consider this past season to be the one that they had hoped for. However, seniors Kevin Noone, Spencer Smith, John Mathis, Alex Radke, and Justin Fehl should be able to hang their heads on the certainty that they contributed in building a foundation that will be formidable for years to come. It was apparent in any Peters Township game that you watched this year that the Indians were extremely deep. Coach Gary Goga was able to go nine players deep into his bench for each game. This allowed the Indians to keep fresh legs on the court at all times, and to eventually wear opposing teams out. Another characteristic of the Indians that, undoubtedly, stood out to anyone with “Everyone on the team really came together” a media guide was how young they were. Although, the Indians had a tremendously solid senior class – the young talent on the team is what oftentimes sparked them. Freshman point College coaches rarely find success in the NFL Connor Tarwater Like in most jobs, success leads to an upgrade, whether it is a raise or a promotion. This is no different in the business of football, where often time’s college coaches are awarded with NFL jobs when they have a lot of success with their respective college. Unfortunately for most of those coaches, college success rarely translates to NFL success. T h e r e “College coaches are used to different techniques and mentoring players.” are three prime examples when it comes to college coaches flopping at the pro level. Nick Saban had moderate success at Michigan State until he took the LSU coaching job in 1999. In five years with the Tigers, he had a record of 48-16 and won a National Championship in the 2003-2004 season. After the championship, he bolted for the Miami Dolphins head coaching job. He went 15-17 in two seasons, and has thus agreed to coach again at the college level for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Steve Spurrier had unprecedented success as a head coach at the University of Florida. He won six Southeastern Conference titles, was the Southeastern Conference coach of the year three times, and won a National Championship. This success landed him an NFL coaching job with the Washington Redskins. In his two seasons with the Skins, he had a record of 12-20. He is now coaching for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, and he is having a lot of success, where he went 7-5 and 8-5 in his first two seasons, respectively. Former Miami Hurricanes coach Butch Davis took a team of disarray and turned it into a powerhouse, Sports Writer guard, Craig Wolcott, was a huge contributor to the team. He was a starter in every game – a remarkable feat for a freshman – and was one of the team leaders in assists. Although, extremely young and inexperienced – Wolcott showed that he was able to run the offense without turning the ball over. “Everyone on the team really came together. The support of the older players made it easier to contribute,” said Wolcott. Sophomore Nick Wilcox was also a huge contributor to the team as a first year starter. Wilcox was among the leading scorers on the team throughout the entire season averaging nearly 12 points a game and, remarkably, he led the team in steals, with almost three steals a game. Sophomore center, and teammate Derek Redding explained, “I am really looking forward to next year’s team. I know that the experience that all of our young players got Who is the most dominate athlete in sports? CT: Roger Federer is the best athlete in the world. For those of you who don’t know who Federer is, he is the number one ranked tennis player in the world since February 2, 2004. Let that sink in. That’s almost 3 years. What makes him the most dominant athlete in sports is that he rarely ever loses, and he wears a really sweet headband. You can’t go wrong when you’re wearing a sweet headband. SPTM: Sweet headband aside, you’re obviously wrong again. Although, Roger Federer is arguably one of the greatest tennis players of all time and his dominance in the sport is unrivaled – how can you not go with Tiger Woods? As soon as Tiger Woods came into the professional golf world he immediately took over. Only 42 weeks into his career, he became the number one ranked golfer in the world. He then set a record for 264 straight weeks atop the World Golf Rankings. Woods is the most dominant athlete in sports because he is nearly impossible to beat when he plays to his potential. CT: Wrong again. Remember, the time you picked the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl and I picked the Bears? We all see how that worked out for you. Federer has won the US Open three times, Wimbledon four times, and the Australian Open two times…all since 2003. His career record is 483 wins and 125 losses. In 2004, Federer won 11 titles with a 74-6 record. In 2005, he went 80-4 with 11 titles again. In 2006, he continued his domination with a 90-5 record and another 12 titles. He is the only player to have won both the Wimbledon and U.S. Open singles titles in three consecutive years from 2004 to 2006. In 2004, Federer became the first man since Mats Wilander in 1988 to win three out of the four Grand Slam singles tournaments in the same year. In 2006, Federer repeated this feat and became the first man in the open era to win at least ten singles championships in three consecutive years. U.S. tennis great Andy Roddick once said of Federer after a match, “He’s probably as close as there has been to unbeatable, I feel like I played decent and the stats are decent, and I got straight setted. I’m not going to sit around and sulk and cry. I did everything I could,” (USA Today). Also, TheSportsTruth.com named Federer the Number 1 tennis player to ever live, above names such as Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Rod Laver, and John McEnroe. SPTM: Tiger has become the face of American sports – the face of World Sports for that matter. He is an icon. His dominance is unrivaled. He has won the PGA Tour player of the year for the eighth time in 10 years. He just beat out Roger Federer for the AP Athlete of the year. Even other players on the PGA are in awe of what he has accomplished. They speak of him like he’s above the sport, they just enjoy the opportunity of playing with him because they know they have no shot at winning; U.S. Open champion Geoff Ogilvy said, “Any time you get to play with him, it’s a privilege. You can learn something from him,” according to an ESPN. com article. going 51-20 during his tenure with the Hurricanes. In 2001, Davis went to the Cleveland Browns and couldn’t repeat the success he had with the Canes. Davis went 24-35 and was 0-1 in his only playoff appearance. He resigned in 2004 as the Browns coach and will start his first season at the University of North Carolina next season. Senior Sean- Paul Mauro stated, “I believe there is a different mentality in the NFL. College coaches are used to different techniques and mentoring players, but in the NFL, players don’t feel that they need to be mentored.” Senior Taylor Piedmonte said, “The college coaches don’t have as much control over their players as they did in college.” “The NFL is a difficult league to win in for any period of time, especially if you take over a losing team. And that’s where the jobs are,” said former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson. “It’s difficult to have success no matter where you came from.” – Sean-Paul Mauro ‘07 – Craig Wolcott ‘10 Photo by Brianna Rafferty Sophomore Nick Wilcox defends against oppo-net from Erie McDowell. Wilcox was just one of several underclassmen varsity starters.

9. 9 Smoke Signals February 2007 SPORTS BRIEFS The team’s current record is 5-11. They will look to get their younger players more experience. Upcoming games include rivals Montour and Elizabeth Forward, and a rematch against Thomas Jefferson. Girls’ swimming Currently, the girls’ swim team is a strong competitor in the WPIAL. They started off 2-0 and are not looking back. Senior Dina DeVincentis looks to assert her leadership during the upcoming meets against: Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon, and Chartiers Valley. BOYS’ SWIMMING The boys’ swim team has started out undefeated at 2-0. They beat Moon (97- 72) and Upper St. Clair (59-40). Seniors Chris Graves and Dan Smith look to lead the boys’ swim team to victories against upcoming opponents: Bethel Park, Mount Lebanon, and Chartiers Valley. BOYS’ BASKETBALL The boys’ basketball team is 3-14. The Indians are getting what they wanted from their big man, John Matthis, who has been a major contributor, scoring as well as rebounding off the glass. Unfor-tunately, the great performance of Mat-this has not been enough to overcome opponents. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Girls basketball is 13-4. They have been known to blow out the other teams with the ability to win by as much as 50 points. With this phenomenal start the girls’ bas-ketball team is looking like a strong play-off contender. Upcoming games include rivals Shaler, Trinity, and Canon McMil-lan. WRESTLING Bill Berry Connor Tarwater Derek Redding Brendan Sikora HOCKEY Oregon and Clemson verge of fairytale season Chris Portz Underdogs have existed as long as the game of basketball. Last year George Mason accomplished an unfathomable feat as a team off the radar. They made the playoffs and managed to make it to the final four. On the way they knocked off teams like North Carolina, Wichita State, and Connecticut. Similarly, Oregon and Clemson are poised to perform well at the big dance, the Men’s Basketball NCAA tournament. The college basketball season is here again and these Cinderella teams are turning heads. Dick Vitale, longtime basketball broadcaster and analyst, said “There’s no doubt that they’ve been a real surprise. This team has amazing camaraderie. They play together; they’ve done a phenomenal job,” said Vitale (Sports Illustrated). Currently, three teams that have stood out and have the best records in the NCAA halfway through the season. UCLA was number one and undefeated, not a surprise. What was surprising was Oregon upsetting number one UCLA. Oregon, who totaled 16 wins last season, was 14-1 halfway through the season. Maarty Leunen is averaging 10.5 rebounds per game, dominating the glass. Senior Aaron Brooks is averaging 17.6 points per game and 4.8 assists per game. They lost their first game against conference rival USC. Their contention in the NCAA tournament in March will depend on how this team responds to this adversity. Clemson was 16-0, boasting the most wins at the halfway point in the season. Sports Writer Pens future still undecided Bill Berry The Penguins have been vigorously campaigning for a new arena over the last two years. Currently, the situation has become more intense than ever since the Isle of Capri lost the slots bid in Pittsburgh. Now Mario Lemieux may be forced to move the franchise from Pittsburgh where they have been since its inauguration forty-years ago. Until December 20th the hopes of the team staying in Pittsburgh rode on The Isle of Capri winning the slots bid, which would have guaranteed the Penguins a new arena. The arena would have been built for $290 million at zero cost to the franchise or taxpayers. Now a shadow of uncertainty has been cast over the entire situation. National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman is dedicated to keeping the team in Pittsburgh according to an Cowher resigns for now Bill Cowher, a Pittsburgh native, legend, and hero has stepped down from coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers after having 15 successful seasons. Coach Cowher has been a legend in Pittsburgh and across the nation. Under his tenure the Steelers made eight playoff appearances and won Super Bowl XL. Last year, his final goal was accomplished: winning a Super Bowl. “My family has made a lot of sacrifices for me, and I’m looking forward to being there for them. It’s the right time to retire.”(Espn.com) This made it easier for Cowher to resign from coaching the Steelers. He wants to show his devotion for his family by this decision. Cowher bought a retirement home in North Carolina so that he could spend more time with his family. There are numerous rumors that this isn’t the last time he will be involved in the NFL. These rumors are plausible because of Cowher’s competitive nature, and the fact that he could possibly be the highest paid NFL coach in history. Steelers players have mixed feelings about his resignation. Receiver Hines Ward was in tears when he heard Cowher’s decision at a press conference. Ward stated, “ I knew he was prepared to resign after we won Super Bowl XL in 2006, he wanted to spend time with his family and that’s what he’ll get.”(ESPN News). Brendan Sikora Sports Writer article from espn.com. He broke off negotiations with Jim Balsillie by placing a restriction over the control of the team in fear of Basille relocating the franchise. Basille withdrew his offer to buy the franchise for $175 million. It was long believed that the Canadian businessman had plans to move the franchise to his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Despite the overwhelming support from both the NHL Commissioner and fans the Penguins could end up relocating to Kansas City come next season. The Penguins continue to have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the entire country. This year the fans have filled Mellon Arena to 94% capacity, among the top in the NHL (espn.com). The Penguins are a part of the culture and a symbol of the rich heritage in Pittsburgh; the franchise has been the home of great hockey legends such as Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr. To see the team leave would Staff Writer The Peters Township wrestling team has struggled this season. They were winless in their first 8 matches and look to rebound. Senior Ryan Carey looks to lead the wrestling team through the rest of the season with more success. James Mays and K.C. Rivers were two main contributors on this Clemson team leading them through the majority of the season. Good news for Clemson considering that neither is a senior yet. Mays is a junior and Rivers is a sophomore. This team is competing in one of the toughest divisions in college basketball, the ACC Conference with division rivals North Carolina and Duke. Being in the ACC Conference is a good way for Clemson to prove themself before the NCAA tournament. The tough competition will prepare Clemson for any opponent it faces in March. Numerous upsets have unfolded this season, by other underdog contenders. Syracuse upset number 21 Marquette; unranked Indiana defeated number 24 Michigan State; and Virginia Tech upset number 5 Duke. Surely, there will be “This year the fans have filled the Mellon Arena to 94% capacity”

10. P T L I F E & S t y l e Cinema influences fashion I Can’t Tell You By Hillary Frank Amber Doerr Guest Writer Stranger Than Fiction Derek Redding Staff Writer Colleen Counihan Features Editor Flashback to the year 1999 and the average teenage girl would recognize herself in sparkly sweaters and pink and green Skechers. This can be accredited to the popularity of stores such as Limited Too, but what many girls don’t realize is that their favorite fashions were popularized by their favorite movies. Those platform shoes that crowded the closets of preteen girls were the result of movies such as Clueless and many of the crazy patterns and bright colors were based on the idolization of the Spice Girls, most importantly the pop stars’ wardrobes in the movie, Spice World. In the recent years, Hollywood’s old and new films have influenced some of the most recognizable styles walking the runway. Though designer Marc Jacobs does not admit to his influences, the consistent flow of baggy slacks and asymmetrical jackets that graced his Fall 2006 line were almost identical to Diane Keaton’s outfits in the cult-classic, Annie Hall. Sophia Coppola used Victorian-style garments to enhance her latest movie Marie Antoinette, but she was also setting a new trend for the fashion world. The new “bubble” skirts and puffy dresses seen in Balenciaga’s and Peter Som’s Fall 2006 lines look very familiar to the bouncy gowns worn by the women in Coppola’s movie. Men’s fashions are not exempt from the big screen’s influence. Marlon Brando’s outerwear (black motorcycle jacket, leather cap and cuffed jeans) in “Wild One” is listed on msn.com as one of the top ten film fashion moments. Designer, Alessandro Dell’ Acqua, seems very familiar with this Brando’s stylish character. His latest men’s line included motorcycle jackets in varying colors and washed-leather ranger caps. Cinema’s effects on the latest trends exist outside of the runway as well. A quick browse through the public’s favorite stores, such as Gap and Banana Republic, reveals classically cut outfits that were once worn by the greatest actresses of the past. Audrey Hepburn’s cropped black pants that made an appearance in her movie Charade are now the staple of Gap advertisements. Commercials have labeled them “Audrey Hepburn pants” for the public’s recognition. As long as movies Unwritten Law: the Hit List Sean Nacarelli Staff Writer Since the formation of Unwritten Law in 1990, this San Diego based band has released six CDs on five different record labels. Unwritten Law formed around original drummer, Wade Youman. Although he’s no longer the drummer, Scott Russo (vocalist) and Steve Morris (guitarist) are original members. Quickly after they formed, the band became friends with other successful San Diego bands like Blink 182. With blends of heavy alternative riffs and jumpy choruses, Unwritten Law’s songs that have topped the charts are “Seein’ Red”, “Celebration Song”, “Lonesome”, “Save Me”, and “Rest of my Life”. Unwritten Law’s new CD, The Hit List, lures all of their fans back to these hits because they’ve re-recorded all of their top songs. Morris declared, “It’s cool to be able to go back and do these songs. If you listen to all the records, they all sound different because we were young and inexperienced. Back then, we were kids, now we’re seasoned veterans.” I think this CD will be able to recapture the spirit and talent that was put into Unwritten Law from the first day they formed almost seventeen years ago. “U.G.H. I know it SOUNDS like I’m being the same old me. All jokey+everything. But I don’t FEEL like me. After blurting all that stuff out to Sean. You know how people pretend to zip their mouths shut, then lock them+throw away the key? That’s what I’d like to do. Minus the pretending part.” Jake is a college guy, living the normal college life, until he gets into a huge fight with his best friend. Jake decides that “talking=trouble” and he should think about what he says before he says it. He also decides that the only way to do that is to communicate through notes. Soon, he finds that his friendship with Xandra is growing into something more, but doesn’t know whether or not to tell her of his feelings. He relunctly decides if he did, it would probably mess everything up. As Jake struggles with his emotions for Xandra, he also discovers some truths about himself. This book is a little difficult at first, but soon you fall in love with the characters and the storyline itself. Hillary Frank brings the troubles of a young life to artistry when she shows us each character’s feelings on notes, together as a book. I give this book four and a half out of five stars. From the makers of Finding Neverland and Monster’s Ball comes the new movie Stranger Than Fiction. This comedy has a knockout cast including Emma Thompson, Will Ferrell, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Queen Latifah. The story starts with writer Karen Eiffel (Thompson) trying to finish her latest work supposedly her best. Eiffel needs to find a way to take her main character out of the picture for the ending, but the main character Harold Crick (Ferrell) can hear her every word for in reality he is alive. The movie chronicles Harold’s to quest to find the author and tell her to end her book in a different way so he can live. Reviews of this movie have proved to be good. Critics say the movie is funny, emotional, and reported to be Ferrell’s best work. This movie will attract the attention of Will Ferrell fans and provide them with lots of laughs. It’s definitely worth watching. I give this movie 4 out of 5 Stars. See Stranger Than Fiction out on the shelves February. 27th. “Audrey Hepburn’s cropped black pants that made an appearance in her moive Charade are now the staple of Gap advertisements.” The movie that I think has a big influence on fashion is, any movie that has Bam Margera, Chris Pontius and Johnny Knoxville in it. –Bobby Ihrig, ‘08 The movie that I think has a big influence on fashion is, Prince’s Purple Rain. -Taylor DiBart, ‘10 The movie that I think has a big influence on fashion is, Harold and Maude. -Aimee Hecht, ‘07 The movie that I think has a big influence on fashion is, Devil Wears Prada. -Megan Carone, ‘09

11. 11 Smoke Signals February 2007 Becoming healthy starts with you Jess Berardino Staff Writer breakfast with a coffee is actually healthier than not eating breakfast at all. Skipping meals will cause you to overeat at your next meal, “For example, eating a donut for breakfast with a coffee is actually healthier than not eating breakfast at all.” Eating healthy requires a strict diet that is based off the food pyramid, not just fruits and vegetables. If you simply eat the proper amounts of food in each section everyday you will see a significant change in the way your clothes fit. Along with your clothes, your skin and your mental health will also improve. By teaching yourself good eating habits now, you will prepare yourself for the rest of your life. If you do not want to completely change your diet, then eliminate some items like pop, fast foods, and candy. It is all up to you what you put in your body and when you are faced with a multiplicity of “bad” foods, eating healthy is much more difficult. Exercise is also a good addition to a healthy life style. Eating regularly is the key to good health and maintaining a desirable weight. For example, eating a doughnut for which will cause your stomach to expand even more and make you feel like you’ve gotten Spring break dreams Katie Gavlick Staff Writer Spring break is nearing, which means hundreds of thousands of high school and college students are flocking to the beach to kick back and relax. However, if Cancun, the Jersey Shore, and Cabo San Lucas aren’t for you, there’s plenty of alluring beaches to go round. Santa Cruz, California. Not only is this small town a surfer’s paradise, it’s a short drive from San Francisco. The beach boardwalk, dating back to the 1900s, is full of life. You can also rent a bike and ride on the prize winning bike trails that cut across beaches and deliver heart-stopping views. Antiparos, Greece. Visitors who come to this tiny, laid back island must fly or sail to Paros, then take a 10 minute ferry ride to Antiparos. The island is home to small-whitewashed houses, land caves, ancient historic ruins, miles of beaches, and blue grottoes that, according to legend, have mysterious powers. Antiparos has no large hotels, which preserves its quaint atmosphere. Corpus Christi, Texas. This small beach town possesses all the right ingredients for the perfect spring break vacation: the sun, the sea, and sights. You can spend the day at the shore, or on the waves; wind surfing, the city’s favorite pastime. Corpus Christi is also the hub for daytrips to the world famous King Ranch and Mexico. Plus the average temperature of Corpus Christi is 71.2 degrees. Placencia, Belize. Located at the end of a tiny peninsula in the south of Belize, this vacation is one you will never forget. Placencia brags the mainland’s best beaches, and the most relaxed lifestyle. While photo courtesy www.emeraldwaterangles.com Belize features some of the world’s best beaches along with many exhilarating activities including kayaking, scuba diving, and snorkeling just to name a few. scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling trips are available, climbing a coconut tree to hack down a fruit is the most work you could possibly do on this vacation. Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Truthfully, Manuel Antonio looks like a picture perfect postcard complete with heavenly white beaches and lush tropical rainforests. The offshore coral reefs bustle with marine life including dolphins and whales. If you like scuba diving, take a day trip to Caño Island for spectacular underwater sights. Or you can stroll down several walking trails and admire coatimundis, ocelots, sloths, Artist of the month: Corey Grabowski Rarely, we hear a solo artist that can capture the listener’s ears as much as a full band of musicians. Corey Grabowski has been satisfying our ears with his acoustic-indie melodies and sing-along lyrics for a long time. In that time he’s also managed to grow a decent fan base by performing at shows and coffeehouses all around the area. It has been a short three months since the birth of Grabowski’s solo project, but his plans for the future are nothing but mature. When asked about goals, he can only smile. He acts as if the rest of us haven’t realized it yet, but his fame is inevitable. “I want to record my sounds and circulate the CDs through coffee shops, record stores and recording studios. Hopefully one will call me and make me famous,” said Grabowski. His solo act wouldn’t be able to exist without confidence, but he describes his music with the utmost modesty. He labels his acoustic sounds with adjectives such as “calming” and “easy-listening,” but these are descriptions of an outsider, examples of Grabowski’s ability to see his own music from the viewpoint of his listeners. After hearing one song from Corey Grabowski, it is not difficult to reference his musical influences. His acoustic melodies resemble those of the Goo Goo Dolls and his intentionally whiney vocals resound with the similar intensity of Matchbox 20 front man, Rob Thomas. Grabowski would never primarily call himself a cover artist, though. He does not strive to be the next opening-act for Justin Timberlake or the new John Mayer, but instead a name in his own category. “I will be Corey Grabowski because I don’t want to be like anyone else, I want people to want to be like me,” he said. Grabowski’s new album is called My Story Untold, a perfect title for such a romantic song list. He will be unveiling many of these heart-warmed lyrics and slow guitar rhythms at his upcoming show at Farmhouse Coffee on March 2nd. It’s obvious that Corey Grabowski is not planning on leaving the spotlight anytime soon. He is looking for a musical career similar to current groups, Dashboard Confessional and Bright Eyes; he wants to be the main musician with a background band for live performances. Though his Colleen Counihan & Sean Naccarelli Features Editor & Staff Writer larger. If you balance out your meals into smaller portions and eat healthy snacks such as fruit or pretzels in between meals you will actually lose more weight. Eating is all about how much of a certain food you eat in a certain time. By following a recommended diet and exercise schedule you will help yourself become healthier, avoiding “crash diets”. Those diets often lead to anorexia and on bulimia. These diseases cause a mental state of extreme confusion in body image. In simple terms, this problem is that girls who were obese as a child or believe that they are overweight now, will over exercise and go to extreme dieting tactics such as stop eating, ceasing eating is the last thing that you should do. I understand that these are considered disorders, so if you believe that you are suffering from one of these; tell someone. So students here’s an idea; eat healthy, Photo by Nate Meyers

12. If you could design your own candy heart, what would it Voicesin the Hall say? TC Rauch 08: “ These “Flowers are like my love for you; in time, they will fade and die.” TC Rauch , ‘08 Describe the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever recieved. “A Warped Tour CD.” Rachel Paul, ‘07 “Don’t eat me.” Kierstan Arnoni, ‘07 “A fireman outfit.” Joe Stepusin, ‘07 “Stay Classy.” Rachel Cichowicz,’07 “Yeah, Grandma!” Shelby Gregor, ‘08 “A 5-pound Hershey kiss.” Ms. O’Connor “The Notebook.” Josh Keffer , ‘07 A PT Minute With... Chuck Nettles Jordan Settimio 1. What is your favorite Crayola Crayon color? Tickle-me-pink -- the best crayon name ever. 2. What is the funniest word you know? Booger, because it should be pronounced “boo-ger.” 3. What is your favorite movie line and why? From Daddy Daycare: “Write that down!” It’s the funniest part. 4. If you could be any boy band member, who would it be and why? Justin Timberlake, because he’s bringing sexy back. 5. If you could be any athlete, who would it be and why? Sidney Crosby, because he’s all around amazing. 1. What is your favorite Crayola Crayon color? Macaroni and cheese -- my favorite color and a great food. 2. What is the funniest word you know? Bedazzle/hernia... I can’t decide, but they’re both fun to say. 3. What is your favorite movie line and why? ”We’ve got a stage five clinger.” Wedding Crashers is my favorite movie. 4. If you opened a restaurant, what would you call it? Chester’s Cheese House; It’s my nick name, and I would serve cheese. 5. If you could be a food, what kind of food would you be? Baby Quiche, because it’s wordly and everyone loves it.

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