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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: josephsparks

Source: slideshare.net

Connor Mirci FRONTStudent View Sam Isha Bethan Thomas S Temi Sushanth Ore Oliver Emilia Isabelle Mirci Bethan Sam Isha Connor OliverTemi Nathan Joeson Thomas F EmiliaThomas S Albert Valerie Huma Naiya Zoe Nathan Joeson Valerie Huma Sushanth Thomas F Naiya Zoe Ore Isabelle Music Technology Project H13 – Seating Plan, Spring

Music Technology Sporting Heroes Project Aims:  To continue developing your skills in Cubase by:  Editing samples and incorporating them into a composition.  Creating a composition which tells a story using samples and a range of different techniques.

Your BRIEF  Your composition should last for AT LEAST 1 minute.  It should demonstrate your opinion or tell a story about your sporting hero.  You should import at least 3 samples and edit them using the techniques:  Reverb  Cut & paste  Modulation  You should write a bassline and import 2 contrasting drum loops to accompany your quotes.  Extension: You may extend your work by writing a chord sequence too, and used techniques such as velocity and panning to create better composition.

Listen to this track and answer the following questions: 1. What instruments can you hear? 2. How does the texture build up at the beginning of the track?

Homework – Due: Friday 28th February, 2014.  Choose one quote from a voiceover of a sporting hero’s race / match / game, or a quote directly from one of these heroes which you think could work well in your composition.  Visit www.sparkspsych.com > Music > Year 8 Music > 8XY Music Homework. Comment on the ‘Sport hero quote’ post with:  Who the quote is from  A link to the YouTube video that contains the quote  "The quote itself"  The time that the quote appears in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lacjJVxC5d0 “Push on, keep focused, work hard…”

Importing and editing your quotes…  First listen to the tracks (using Windows Media Player) – find them here: My computer / music on mediaserver / 1.student Write/ Year 8 / Quotes.  Now open Cubase by going to START – PROGRAMS – MUSIC – CUBASE STUDIO 7.  Go to <FILE>, <IMPORT>, <AUDIO FILE> .  Navigate to the folder in which the Quotes are saved and select your chosen quote.  In the pop-up box, ensure that the ‘copy file to working directory’ box is TICKED - This is VERY important!  Press ‘Ok’ to import the track.  Copy the file once (use <CTRL K> to repeat).  In the copied version, use the scissors to chop it up. Copy bits along to create a rhythm of short words/ phrases.

Use the button to make your Samples play in time – move them to fit to the grid – unselect it so that you can click anywhere on the audio track to cut it, but when you want to fit it to the beats, re-activate it Chop up your quotes so they will look something like this...

Editing your quotes #2  First select the track you want to edit  Press the ‘e’ button in the track name area  In the pop-up box, click on the black rectangle under ‘i 1’ and choose ‘reverb’. Then select ‘roomworks’.  Load the presets in the same way you load the HalionOne instruments and try a few effects out.  You can also change the pitch & quality of the voice by choosing ‘modulation’ instead of reverb. Then select ‘ring modulation’ and try changing the settings (or select a preset).

Find the QUOTES:  My computer / music on mediaserver / 1.student Write / Year 8 / Quotes  Open Cubase by going to:  START – PROGRAMS – MUSIC – CUBASE STUDIO 7  Open your project in Cubase :  My computer / music on mediaserver / 1.student write / Year 8 / <your teacher> / <group> / MUSIC TECH / your named folder

SAVE YOUR WORK! Save your work to:  My computer  Music on mediaserver  1.student write  Year 8  JPS  8XY  Music Tech Project  Your name

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