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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: LorasAnalytics

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Smarter Sustainable Dubuque LocalAnalytics in Action Connecting the Dots Between Engagement and Understanding February 12, 2013

3 IBM/Dubuque Smarter Sustainable City Partnership • Announced Sept. 17, 2009 • IBM’s first “Smart City” in the U.S. • Goal: Replicable model for cities under 200,000 • Coordinating smart, instrumented technology with active community engagement • Providing residents with information and tools needed to: • Save Money • Conserve Resources • Improve local economy and environment

IBM Organization IBM Research at a Glance Systems & Technology Group (Storage, Servers) Global Business Services (Consulting, BTO, AS & SI) Software Group (Inf Mgmt, Middleware, Web tools) Global Technology Services (SO, Hosting, Technology) Sales & Distribution (Client Relations) Integrated Supply Chain (SC, Call Centers, Inventory) Business UnitsGeographies Key Focus Areas Science & technology Industrial Solutions Next Gen Computing Analytics Material Science Storage Asia Americas Europe Middle East Africa IBM Research IBM Research Engagements Conferences Technology Innovations & solutions presented and discussed with other leading experts in the field. First of a Kind/Proof of Concept Research & Customer partnerships to prototype tomorrow’s technologies on today’s business problems. Research Papers Industry Technology Consortiums Technology breakthroughs published in research journals Industry leaders collaborating to drive technology solutions & innovation

Water Electricity Travel Discards Health and Wellness

 Designed to give people what they need so they can do what they want • Save money and resources • Improve environment and local economy • Improve Health & Wellness Reliable information specific to them

 Which accomplishes its objective by increasing the availability and usability of relevant data both as it relates to the number of resource decisions it can effect and the level of impact it can have Water Electricity Discards Travel Health Eliminate waste Identify efficiency Create optimization Decision Making

IBM Smarter Sustainable Dubuque Model Smarter Sustainable Dubuque Research Cloud Smarter City Services Layer Applications, Website, Security Citizen Portal Staff and Management Portal Water Electricity Travel Health Data Integration and Data Management Analytics Metrics, Monitoring, Analytics and Insights Decision Support and Modeling Discards Instrumented Data Collectors

 Volunteers  400 volunteers  600 total households ▪ 300 active portal users ▪ 100 never accessed the portal ▪ 200 no access to the portal or their data  Volunteers in a Specific Geographic area • High Concentration of Residential Water Users • Similar Topography • Last Area for Water Meter Replacements • Helpdesk • Responded to questions • Conducted Training sessions • Corresponded and engaged participants

MIU 16 Data Collectors Hourly reading data transmitted once per day to collectors using licensed frequency Collectors download data to City servers using the City’s fiber optic backhaul Data is transferred To a secure ftp site IBM automatically picks up data once per day Smarter Water Data Collection

SmarterWater Portal Menu Area Profile Area Usage Area ProgressArea DetailArea Leak Notification

 77% improved water usage understanding  61% took specific actions to conserve  48 % reported they plan to make additional changes in their appliances or in how they use water (or both)  6.6% decrease in utilization  8 fold increase in leak detection/response: What if we apply new knowledge and tools to 23,000 households? What if 23,000 households had an opportunity to be notified of continuous or intermittent leak?

 Water Leak Repair Grant  Individually metered residential units (including rentals)  One grant provided per building if not individually metered  The grant is available one time per 12 months per service address  Leak notification appears on meter or smarter water portal ▪ Contact by SSD helpdesk by phone or electronically  The amount of reimbursement is 50% of the repair work up to $100 maximum

 Currently offering an expanded sign-up for Smarter Water Portal to residents and small businesses  Proving value at “entire community” scale  Engagement opportunity for City  Smarter Water Portal Provides a tool for:  Increased Understanding and Education on Water Usage  Indentifying High Water Uses  Identifying Leaks

 Challenges  Monetizing and identifying water “savings” on a community scale  Defining metrics, reporting, dialoging, taking actions  “Meeting consumers where they are” – keeping them engaged when and how they wish

High engagement interest want more data, less direction Medium engagement interest want more direction, less data Low interest want better defaults, based on data exceptions and anomolies 20% 60% 20% Enlighten Me Inform Me Warn Me

 Partnership of City, State (Power Fund) and Alliant Energy.  The goal is to allow volunteer participants to better monitor their electric energy consumption and enable them to make more-informed choices about when to use energy and how much they are using  In spring 2011 Alliant Energy installed new AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) electric meters at nearly 1,000 volunteer Dubuque households and is providing the electricity usage data from those households to the City and IBM for analysis. Hourly meter readings are transferred to IBM once per day Smarter Electricity Pilot Project

 Usage reduction ranging from 3% to 11%.  If extrapolated to community as a whole, annual savings range from $552,000 to $3,588,000.  68% said it increased their understanding of personal electricity use.  45% said it helped them find specific ways to reduce based upon their individual usage.  Strategies most often used by consumers included shifting to non-peak usage (52%), turning off devices (44%), decreasing lighting (29%) and decreasing heating/cooling (20%)

Energy Portal Main Page ProfileArea Menu Area ProgressArea Daily Usage Area ConsumptionArea InsightArea Comparison Area ActionArea

 City, Regional, State, Federal and Private Sector Research Partnership  New technology successfully developed and deployed: - RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) - SmartPhone (Transit Planner)  Recruitment of over 1,000 volunteers  Transit route optimization opportunities  Outcomes include policy optimization opportunities (knowing when, how, where and why citizens are traveling makes that easier and more accurate)  Outcomes include “options in real-time” to citizens (whether they are looking for ways to avoid vehicle miles travelled or just avoid traffic congestion on their route)

 Exploring opportunities for Smarter Health and Wellness  Short pilot on obesity engagement and prevention:  use existing SSD volunteers and IBM employees  demonstrate feasibility, technology and impact  design program with larger scale efforts in mind

 Opportunity for citizen interaction, engagement and impact  Dubuque as a “Living Lab”: Technology + Engagement = Data  Expanding access and value: Data = Decision-making and policy-making  Initial meeting with City health and business leaders positive

 A prototype platform for tracking and managing individual and aggregated waste (trash and recyclables) disposal activities  City will identify volunteers among its residents to participate in this project  City will identify two waste management routes to participate in this project  IBM will develop software tools for transferring, updating and processing the Data  Management/Aggregate and Individual Portals

24 Landfill 60% Diversion cost savings Year-to-date: $166K Recycle 30% Compost 10% Year-to-date breakdown Average Diversion Rates AnnualWasteTotals 2009 2010 2011 2012 2009 2010 2011 2012 tons 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000 40% 60% 80% 100 20% Note: hovering over one of the “total” recycle bars with your mouse will give a pie chart of the finer level breakdown if the data is available.

alerts/log messages DataConfiguration Admin tools Key Performance Indicators InteractiveAnalysis Oddity Analysis Landfill 60% Recycle 30% Compost 10% Year-to-date discard breakdown Diversion cost savings Year-to-date: $66K

o Sustainability requires on-going efforts (it is a process not a product) o Replicating infrastructure and initiation efforts for each new activity is inefficient o IBM interested in researching the potential to “automate” sustainability campaigns. o Searching for a good candidate project in City of Dubuque (small and defined to start)

CommunityView CitizenView Mayor-Council- ManagerView StaffView DubuqueView

 What is it? A web and mobile enabled set of interactive technology tools for the purpose getting accurate and up to date information to people when and how they need it to make the decisions they need to make.  How? By leveraging the City’s investment in data, applications, mobile and social media tools to create an easy to use, integrated and accessible interface for citizens, mayor, council, staff and management. DubuqueView

 DubuqueView is built by the citizens through an engagement process that is participatory, inclusive, deliberative and collaborative  During a disaster and times of critical engagement the public is our eyes  Mechanism to deliver the information which is both high tech and high touch  Rich in content and broad in reach

Synthesize and analyze large amounts of data from unrelated and unstructured sources •assess the emergency situation, mobilize city resources and engage citizens to minimize the impact of the disaster•assess the emergency situation, mobilize city resources and engage citizens to minimize the impact of the disaster•assess the emergency situation, mobilize city resources and engage citizens to minimize the impact of the disaster•Provides a way to assess the emergency situation, mobilize city resources and engage citizens to minimize the impact of the disaster•Provides a way to assess the emergency situation, mobilize city resources and engage citizens to minimize the impact of the disaster Shared, Easy to Access, Common Operational Picture “DubuqueView” Logistics Operations Command Communications CommunityView CitizenView Mayor-Council- ManagerView StaffView DubuqueView Desktop Web Mobile

CommunityView CitizenView Mayor-Council- ManagerView StaffView DubuqueView •Role BasedViews into Shared Data Sources •Citizen Inform •Community Connect •Staff – Management Alert and Advise •Elected Officials Recommend 31

CommunityView CitizenView Mayor-Council- ManagerView StaffView DubuqueView Logistics Communications OperationsCommand BusinessAnalytics BusinessAnalytics BusinessAnalytics BusinessAnalytics

• Database Design, Data Population and Applications in Development • ESRI Local Government Data model as a basis for nearly 300 feature classes and 100 GB of GIS data maintained by the City of Dubuque on a daily basis • Geocoding Social Media Feeds • “Story-boarding” projects through GIS • Mobile CRM • IBM Community Engagement for Health & Wellness and Water Expansion

 Tools which are readily available on multiple delivery platforms – computer – mobile device – cell phone  Increase citizen impact on City service delivery – easy access to tools for dialogue using social media – chat - blogs  Increase citizen ability to analyze issues with current relevant data  Increasing Citizen access and input by meeting them where they are most comfortable

“I've got the greatest job in the world. There's no other job in government where cause and effect is so tightly coupled where you can make a difference every day in so many different ways and in so many different people's lives. It's a great challenge.” Michael Bloomberg, Philanthropist and Mayor of NewYork City

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