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Published on March 12, 2008

Author: Charlo

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Examples of practical applications of BASIC Stamp controller:  Examples of practical applications of BASIC Stamp controller Some applications of the BASIC Stamp controller:  …. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden - lab robot camera- you can see whats happening in their laboratory over the web. http://mac5.pe.chalmers.se Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has a project using the STAMP to control an artificial hand for young amputees Some applications of the BASIC Stamp controller Stamp Interfacing:  A Robotic bug built by Greg Birdsall and Fred Richards for the X-files uses a BASIC Stamp controller Stamp Interfacing Slide4:  The Pocket-Bot Robot platform This miniature robotic vehicle has independent four wheel drive and bumper sensors. Kits are also available for sensing heat or light and for following a line. http://www.divent.com/pocketbot.html Example of Stamp Interfacing:  Example of Stamp Interfacing Stamp Interfacing:  Corky'z Robotz- an IR Controlled robotic toy. http://www.geocities.com/ SiliconValley/Park/1302/robotz.htm Corky'z Robotz- an IR Controlled robotic toy. http://www.geocities.com/ SiliconValley/Park/1302/robotz.htm Stamp Interfacing Example of Stamp Interfacing Stamp Interfacing:  A Digital Weather Station using wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and rain gauge sensors. http://oeonline.com/~tparnell Stamp Interfacing Example of Stamp Interfacing Emminence Airship Project:  Purpose of this Project: A fun and exciting learning opportunity Practical Applications Advertising Scientific Research Military and Police Telecommunications Emminence Airship Project Physical Design of the Airship:  Physical Design of the Airship One or more spherical balloons A plastic gondola to house the electrical equipment Helium used to fill the balloons How it Works:  How it Works User gives commands through a PC keyboard These commands are relayed through the RF transceivers to the blimp The blimps on-board intelligence interprets the commands and performs the corresponding functions The Ground to Air Transmission:  The Ground to Air Transmission The Basic Stamp II gives the transmitter the appropriate bit pattern The On-Board Stamp then receives the bit pattern from the receiver Based on the bit pattern received, the Stamp will set the appropriate bits high or low Slide13:  The Motors The On-Board Stamp is interfaced with the motor driver circuit Propeller motors are used There is an enable and a fwd/bwd signal for each motor Onboard System:  Onboard System Subsystems controlled by CPU Motion Control Processor Motion Control Circuitry Central Processor Video Compass GPS Internet Based Operations:  Internet Based Operations Operator connects to operation station to assume control PC PC PC PC Operation Station Reusable Software Design:  Reusable Software Design Robot software specification defined according to system capabilities. Operator software uses robot specification to coordinate data channels. Central Mission Control Stations allow for control of robots around the world. DataTurbine Developer API:  DataTurbine Developer API Data sources are coordinated and mapped to operator Robot Software Architecture:  Operating System Autonomy Application Coordination Application Data Turbine Robot Software Architecture Built on Windows OS Developers API for data transmission with TCP/IP Interface for operator received controls Autonomous mission platform Operator Software Architecture:  Operator Software Architecture Built on Windows OS Developers API for data transmission with TCP/IP Operator communication and control specification Interface for control devices Interface for data output Operatirng System Client Core Specification DataTurbine Input App Output App Future Features:  Future Features Internet control capabilities A possible GUI A joystick or some other device GPS on-board the blimp A digital compass on-board The ability for positional commands An on-board camera A possible collaboration with RoverWerx Future Missions:  Future Missions Autonomous missions with other Intelligent Robots MIDI communication Protocols:  MIDI communication Protocols Reminder:  Reminder Serial Communication (RS-232) principles Configuration Transmission Programming MIDI Characteristics Transmission Definitions Standards Programming Serial Comunicacation :  Serial Comunicacation Bit by bit Asynchronous Serial Protocol for RS-232 (RS-432, MIDI...) (0 logic [+3,+25V] and 1 logic [-3,-25V]) 110 to 256.000 bauds Connector with 9 pins, 3 used. Transmit Data (TXD) pin 3 in DB9 Receive Data (RXD) pin 2 in DB9 Ground (SG) pin 5 in DB9 cables that switch 2 and 3 RS 232C RS-232 transmission :  RS-232 transmission UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) Parity bits, etc, check it in your documentation. RS-232 Programming COM Ports In PC COM 1 3F8 COM 2 2F8 COM 3 3E8 COM 4 2E8 MIDI:  MIDI Musical Instruments Digital Interface http://www.midi.org http://www.harmony-central.com/MIDI/Doc/doc.html MIDI Transmission :  MIDI Transmission Serial and asynchronous 31.250 bauds 1 bit stop and no parity  1 byte = 10 bits Conector DIN (5 pines, 3 used) and unidirectional cables Bidirectional communication needs to cables  (MIDI IN y MIDI OUT) Examples of connections:  Examples of connections Slide30:  B.STAMP  SEROUT Tpin, Baudmode, ( {#} OutputData ) SEROUT Tpin {\Fpin}, Baudmode, {Pace,} {Timeout, Tlabel,} [ InputData ] SEROUT Tpin, Baudmode, 0, [ InputData ] Program Change en canal 3  0xC2  192+2 = 194 Note ON in canal 3  0x92  144+2 = 146 Note OFF in canal 3  0x82  128+2 = 130 Note DO inf. 60  60-12 = 48 max speed  127 SEROUT 15, 60, 0, [194, 73] SEROUT 15, 60, 0, [146, 48, 127] PAUSE 2000 SEROUT 15, 60, 0, [146, 48, 0] SEROUT 15, 60, 0, [130, 48, 0] Slide34:  Buchla’s The thunder BioMuse (Brainwave detector!) Slide35:  Will be in next projects related to Cyber Theatre Many applications of DSP, speech technologies, sound technologies and microcontroller technologies Micromouse Hardware:  Micromouse Hardware Pre-Built Robots:  Pre-Built Robots Approx. $100 - $200 Contains chassis, motors, wheels and microcontroller (Basic Stamp) Lego Robotics Kits:  Lego Robotics Kits Easy to prototype Must make your own IR sensors Programming Languages: Logo Not Quite C Custom Made Mouse:  Custom Made Mouse Can choose the individual components Can achieve better performance over kits Much more satisfying and fun Main components: Microcontroller board Wall sensors Motors Batteries Propulsion choices:  Propulsion choices DC Motors Servos Stepper Motors DC Motors Cheap, small Need gearbox Need shaft encoders H-Bridge Discrete SGS Thompson L293D Can drive two motors 600mA per motor Propulsion:  Propulsion Servos Need to modify for continuous rotation Need shaft encoders Can be driven without H-Bridge Come with attachments Perfect for Basic Stamp Stepper Motors Less torque than DC motors for a given size and weight Do not need shaft encoders LSI chips can handle logic and power Allegro UCN5804LB 1.25 A 35 V Sensors:  Sensors IR Sensors Proximity Easiest to implement Distance Sharp GP2D02 IR Sensors Wall Feelers Wall Feelers Simple to make and adjust Tend to get hung up at wall openings Slide43:  Simple Microcontroller Techniques for Sculpture Why use microcontrollers in Sculptures?:  Why use microcontrollers in Sculptures? To sense and respond to viewer’s actions To sense and respond to environmental changes To sequence events To set up contingencies To control motion, light, sound Slide45:  Mark Porter. 2001. Shield slows a self-degenerative process Slide46:  Mark Porter. 2001. Shield slows a self-degenerative process Problems to solve:  Problems to solve reverse directions of two motors at particular points in their travel ensure that the moving arms don’t become and remain synchronized PIC is used to::  PIC is used to: check when the motors have hit their CW and CCW limit switches reverse the motors’ direction add a little delay to the time it takes one of the motors to reverse directions in order to prevent synchronization Slide49:  #include <12c509.h> #use delay(clock=4000000) void main () { set_tris_b(0b001111); //four lines are inputs, two are outputs while (1) { if(input(pin_B0)==0) // if cwLampLimit is touched {output_high(pin_B4);} // activate lampMotorRelay} if(input(pin_B1)==0) // if ccwLampLimit is touched {output_low(pin_B4);} // de-activate lampMotorRelay} if(input(pin_B2)==0) // if cwShieldLimit is touched {output_high(pin_B5); // activate shieldMotorRelay delay_ms(500); } //wait half a second to ensure //non-synchronous movement if(input(pin_B3)==0) // if ccwShieldLimit is touched {output_low(pin_B5);} // de-activate shieldMotorRelay} } } Sources:  Sources Curtis Bahn, RPI J.E. Wampler Michael Rodemer, University of Michigan, School of Art and Design Physics and Media Group, MIT Josh R. Fairley Dr. Raymond S. Winton Mike Haney, University of Illinois Steve Benkovic, Cal State University , Northridgehttp://homepage.mac.com/SBenkovic s.benkovic@ieee.org Franklin Alioto, Christine Beltran, Eric Cina, Vince Francisco, Margo Gaitan, Matthew O’Connor, Mike Rasay. Kenneth Chin and Prang Chim Dr. Jim Ostrowski, Bob Miller, Wally Szczesniak, Terry Kientz, Brett Balogh , Siddharth Deliwala, John Bowen, Darnel Degand, Kapil Kedia, Adrian Fox, Christopher Li

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