02 TCSS Semi Formal Dance

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Information about 02 TCSS Semi Formal Dance

Published on November 27, 2007

Author: Waldarrama

Source: authorstream.com

Semi-Formal Dance @ UCD:  Semi-Formal Dance @ UCD Date: April 23, 2005 (Saturday) Time: 9PM ~ 1AM Location: UCD - Rec Pool Lodge $15 before 4/20 $18 after Free Appetizers & Drinks Featuring Dj: Mike Wu Trance, Hip Hop Massive Intelligent Light Showcase For More Info: William Chu – wchu530@hotmail.com hello.to/tcss Must be at least 18 years of age - UCD student may bring one guest - UCD & Non-UCD attendees bring Student ID or Driver License - Coat check available - TCSS will sell ticket at MU table from 4/1/05 ~ 4/22/05; (11am-3pm) Or - Request tickets from TC officers NOW X-OTICA Hosted by TCSS UCD 台灣同學會 Slide2:  有瘋狂的一夜嗎? 與TCSS共度年度盛大的舞會嗎? 有不同 lifestyle 的經驗嗎? 來看盛裝出席的帥哥, 美女嗎? 在舞會中, 擦出任何的火花嗎? 享受舞會的氣氛和燈光效果嗎? 更多驚奇的事發生嗎? 想要: 那還等什麼? 去….. X-Otica 舞會….. 就對了! How to Get X-Otica Dance Tickets::  How to Get X-Otica Dance Tickets: TCSS will sell tickets at MU Table from 4/1 ~ 4/22. 11am-3pm, OR Request tickets from TC officers NOW NO TICKETS @ DOOR! X-Otica Is Open to Public::  X-Otica Is Open to Public: X-Otica 舞會 是開放給每一個人的(不一定要是 UCD 的學生) 所以TCSS 很歡迎大家帶你們的朋友來. TCSS 也將會邀請Bay Area 學校的朋友來參加. 音樂大部分已 Hip Hop 為主 希望大家能把這消息快告訴你們的朋友吧!! X-Otica Dress::  X-Otica Dress: Semi-Formal Dress Code: Girls: 妳們可以參考Forever21 的Dress. 如果還有其它有關Dress的提議, 也請去TC Forum來提供其她女生來參考. 請穿半正式就好 http://www.forever21.com/default.asp Guys: 以下僅提供參考 襯衫, 領帶, or 西裝. 請穿半正式就好 別穿球鞋

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