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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: ankimakwana



Topic:Myths in Keats works.  Name : Makwana Ankita m.  Paper No :5.  Roll No :2.  Year :2013-14.  Semester : 2.  Guidance : by Heenaba Zala.

What is Myth?

•Meaning of Myth  A myth is a story that may or may not be true.  Myths are generally very old.  All culture have myths.  Myth means a false belief.  “ Myht convert history in to the nature ”

“ Myth is an attempt to narrate a whole human experience, of which the purpose is too deep, going too deep in the blood and soul, for mental explanation or description.” -By D . H Lawrence.

John keats.  Born : 1795  Died :  Education : king’s college  Occupation : Poet

• Ode to nightingale.  First published in 1819.  The nightingale is a symbol of beauty.  It is a one kind of song.  The nightingale song within the poem is connected to the art of music.  Comparison between the mortal & immortal world.

Myth of lenthe & Dryad.  ‘ lenthe ’ was the river of underworld.  ‘ Dryad ’ in Greek mythology it means is a female spirit attached to a tree.  Free from body or society.  The nightingale is compared to a wood-nymph.  Nightingale in England sing in the woods. Myth of Greek.

Myth of Greek. Myth of Hippocrene.  This poem also inspired by a Greek form.  According to Greek myth it means …..  ‘ Hippocrene ’ was the name of a spring that the winged horse pegasus created by stamping its hoof into the ground.

Myth of Bacchus.  ‘ Bacchus ’ is the Greek God of wine and also drunkenness.  The speaker also claim that his escape into the nightingale’s world will not be due to drunkenness.  He was the last god to join the twelve Olympians.

What is Psyche. Publihsed in 1819 In classical methodology Psyche was a beautiful maiden , of whom the goddess Venus was extremely jealous. Venus sent her son to humalitiate the girl. But Cupid fall in love with psyche and took her away to a secrete valley where he visited her each night. Myths in Psyche.

 Psyche.  The speaker opens the poem with an address to the goddess Psyche, Urging her to hear his words and asking that she forgive him for singing to her her own secrets.The speaker says he knew the winged boy but asks who the girl was.

Myth of Olympians.  GreekGods.  The Olympian are a group of 12 GreekGods.  Psyche describing her as the youngest and most beautiful of all the Olympians gods and goddesses.  She has no temple no altars, no choir tossing for her ans so no.

Myths of Tempe & Arcady.  ‘Tempe ’ & ‘ Arcady ’ both are places name.  Both are place’ s of great beauty in classical mythology.  Tempe is a valley in thessaly , Grees between mount Olympus and Mount Ossa that is favored by Apollo , the god of poetry and music.  Arcady is Arcadia.

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