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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: LorasAnalytics

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2013 ANALYTICS SYMPOSIUM February 12, 2013 Grand River Center Dubuque, Iowa Analytic Technology Trends Amy Mayer Vice President Capgemini Rich Clayton Vice President of Business Analytics Oracle Corporation

3 Financial Markets Commodities Consumer Confidence Volatility is Primary Driver for Deeper Insights

4 Why & How Visualize the Best Course of Action? Analyze & Act in Real-Time What-if Analysis Update Forecasts Daily or Hourly BETTER DECISIONS, FASTER ACTION

Agenda 5 • Big Data Discovery • Mobility • Real Time Decisions • Predictive Analytics

6 t r e n d Big Data Discovery


8 Even Dilbert Has a Perspective…

9 Big Data Is About… Tapping into diverse data sets Finding and monetizing unknown relationships Creating data driven business decisions 9

10 MEDIA/ ENTERTAINMENT Viewers / advertising effectiveness COMMUNICATIONS Location-based advertising EDUCATION & RESEARCH Experiment sensor analysis CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS Sentiment analysis of what’s hot, problems HEALTH CARE Patient sensors, monitoring, EHRs Quality of care LIFE SCIENCES Clinical trials Genomics HIGH TECHNOLOGY / INDUSTRIAL MFG. Mfg quality Warranty analysis OIL & GAS Reserve Capacity estimation, Drilling exploration sensor analysis FINANCIAL SERVICES Risk & portfolio analysis AUTOMOTIVE Auto sensors reporting location, problems RETAIL Consumer sentiment Optimized sales & marketing LAW ENFORCEMENT & DEFENSE Threat analysis - social media monitoring, photo analysis TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION Sensor analysis for optimal traffic flows Customer sentiment UTILITIES Smart Meter analysis Big Data Impacts Every Industry ON-LINE SERVICES / SOCIAL MEDIA People & career matching Web-site optimization

11 Four Dimensions of Big Data • Exponential growth in data volumes demand a different approachVolume • Exploring real-time dataVelocity • All types and forms of data leveraged to enrich & create additional valueVariety • The (value) density of the data also has to be consideredValue

12 80% of the information you need is unstructured


14 Big Data Discovery Easily EXPLORE all the different paths to find the root cause Easily EVOLVE the application to keep pace with the changing investigation Easily COMBINE information to swiftly start the investigation

15Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.15

16 “The verdict is in. There is no electronic-based cause for unintended high- speed acceleration in Toyotas. Period.” Ray LaHood Transportation Secretary February 9, 2011 16


18 Where is Your Big Data Opportunity? “In a big data world, a competitor that fails to sufficiently develop its capabilities will be left behind.” McKinsey Global Institute INNOVATE INCREASE REVENUE LOWER COSTS

19 t r e n d Mobility

20 ACCESSAnytime Anywhere 15% Today’s workforce works anytime and anywhere (this number is expected to triple by 2016) ~ Forrester Research

21 Access Anywhere Mobile access doubles adoption potential

22 Many Styles of Information Access



25 Improve Business Results TraneMap: iPad Order Management app with interactive modules and analytics Business Impact: • Increase sales close rate from 35 to 65% • Increase product mix by 3% • Increase average revenue by 22% Source: Forrester Research

26 t r e n d Real-time Decisions

27 of executives say too much critical information is delivered too late

28 Browsing History Purchase History Social Stats Target Audience Predictive Modeling + + + = σ Real-Time Decisions For Retail Banking

30 t r e n d Predictive Analytics

31 Predicting IPO Returns

32Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.32 Nate Silver Source: nyt.com

33 Add Meaning to Data With Visualization

34 How Companies Learn Your Secrets NY Times Article, Feb 16, 2012

35 t r e n d The Deciding Factor: Big Data and Decision Making

36 The Market View Capgemini commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to survey over 600 business leaders, across the globe and industry sector, about the use of Big Data in their organizations. Specifically looking at: Their use of big data today and planned in the next 3 years The advantages they have seen The issues they have in using it of participants are C-level and board executives43%

37 The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey: (1 of 2) The Deciding Factor: Big Data and Decision Making What we found: 85% Say the issue is not about volume but the ability to analyse and act on the data in real time 62% Believe we have a long way to go when it comes to automating operational and tactical decisions 75% Believe their organizations to be data-driven 42%Survey respondents say that unstructured content is too difficult to interpret

38 26% is the level of performance improvement already seen from the application of big data analytics 41% is the level of performance improvement expected in the next 3 years 62% Dispute the proposition that most operational / tactical decisions that can be automated have been automated The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey: (1 of 2) The Deciding Factor: Big Data and Decision Making

39 Shortage of skilled people to analyze the data properly Too Many Data Silos – Data is not pooled for the benefit of the entire organization Time it takes to analyze large data sets The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey: (1 of 2) The Deciding Factor: Big Data and Decision Making

40 Q & A

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