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Published on January 21, 2008

Author: Monica

Source: authorstream.com

6WINIT: Ericsson (Research) Objectives (6WINIT Kick-Off, London):  6WINIT: Ericsson (Research) Objectives (6WINIT Kick-Off, London) Raimo Vuopionperä (Ph. D.), NomadicLab (LMF/TTR) raimo.vuopionpera@lmf.ericsson.se Outline:  Outline IPv6 Research at NomadicLab Customer Demos & IPv6 NomadicLab Intranet and (IPv6) Test Networks 6WINIT: ERICSSON (Research) Objectives Customer Demos:  Customer Demos IPv6 DEMO in Birmingham:  IPv6 DEMO in Birmingham Mobile Node WLAN Router Correspondent Node Background Traffic Background Traffic QoS Home Agent Native IPv6 Network Overview IPv6 DEMO in Birmingham ...:  IPv6 DEMO in Birmingham ... Remarks Movement Detection / Handover (Only on layer 3) Works on all physical link layers => No physical media dependence! Full co-operation/interoperation with BT’s IPv6 demo Common Applications and 6-bone connection Quake was played over wireless link on BT’s server Basically we ran interoperability test with BT while demonstrating our own Mobile IPv6 and QoS implementations. Fully configurable QoS solution. QoS is based of IETF’s Differentiated Services schema i.e. the packet classifier set the packet TOS/CoS fields according configurable policies and the Routers scheduled the packets using these Differentiated Service Bits (TOS/CoS). => Dynamic & fully configurable flow based QoS differentiation. IPv6 DEMO in Birmingham ...:  IPv6 DEMO in Birmingham ... Slide7:  World’s first trial of mobile applications using IPv6 Hong Kong 24.-25. October 2000 IPv6 Trial in Hong Kong ...:  IPv6 Trial in Hong Kong ... Ericsson and SmarTone IPv6 demo at TELECOM ASIA 2000 (ITU) display in Hong Kong (04.12. - 09.12.2000):  Ericsson and SmarTone IPv6 demo at TELECOM ASIA 2000 (ITU) display in Hong Kong (04.12. - 09.12.2000) GPRS & IPv6 Demo Network:  GGSN GPRS Network Private v4 Network Ericsson Sweden Internet E1 LAN Ericsson Router NAT-PT Global IPv6 Network Mobile Node IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel Ericsson Router Access Router Base Station WLAN Servers used for demonstration E1 Public v4 Network Correspondent Node Home Agent Servers used for demonstration Mobile Node Legend IPv4 IPv6 GPRS & IPv6 Demo Network Demo Area ITU Exhibition LIVE NomadicLab Intranet & (IPv6) Test Networks:  NomadicLab Intranet & (IPv6) Test Networks NomadicLab Network Overview:  NomadicLab Network Overview nomadiclab.com IPv6 Test Network Internet Firewall ECN piuha.net NomadicLab Intranet:  NomadicLab Intranet Network description Connection to the Internet 128 IPv4 addresses, Using our own ISP piuha.net for Internet connection (24 Mbps), Connection to the 6Bone, Firewall maintained by LMF’s IS/IT personnel. A mixture of free and commercial operating systems FreeBSD 4.2 / Linux 2.4 / NetBSD 1.5 / Windows The primary network for all NomadicLab members Connection to the ECN via LMF’s firewall, Access to LMF’s Windows Terminal Server with Citrix ICA client IPv6 and IPsec in daily use IPv6: Used in all projects and normal office work in close cooperation with other LMF/TT departments (Tunnel broker for other LMF departments). Ipsec (v4/v6): Used in the intranet all the time and ALSO to protect all external connections. The IPv6 Test Network:  The IPv6 Test Network An IPv6-only test network All NomadicLab projects use this site 8 x PC, 2 x Laptop 100 Mbps Ethernet 11 Mbps WLAN Removable hard disk bays Each project buys own hard disks One server DNS, NFS, NIS and NAT-PT Router towards NomadicLab and 6Bone The network is configured with SNMP Up to 30 different VLANs 4 NICs (Network Interface Cards) in each PC Cables are not moved! The IPv6 Test Network – An Example:  The IPv6 Test Network – An Example An IPv6 Network Internet NAT-PT An IPv6 Network IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnel 6WINIT: ERICSSON (Research) Objectives:  6WINIT: ERICSSON (Research) Objectives Lessons learned from the demo activities: IPv4 can (still) be used for transport (in Network) and IPv6 for the user data etc. Ericsson (Research) Objectives: Use the Birmingham and Hong Kong IPV6 & GPRS demos as a building blocks of the Ericsson 6WINIT network. Use segments containing GPRS/UMTS in 6WINIT Network! Research Objectives: IPv4 <-> IPv6 Transition issues, Scalability of MIPv6, IPv6 protocol implementations for Wireless Links (TCPv6, UDPv6, ROCHv6, Security (IPSec, IKE, …), etc. (we are open for suggestions). Wish List: Use 6WINIT to build (European Wide) full scale IPv6 testbed for future wireless communications. We Are Committed and Willing to Do It!:  We Are Committed and Willing to Do It! Thank you! Questions ? Comments?

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