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Published on December 18, 2007

Author: Julie



Engineering H191 Engineering Fundamentals and Laboratory I:  Engineering H191 Engineering Fundamentals and Laboratory I Week 01 Day 01 Course Introduction Engineering H191 Sections:  Engineering H191 Sections 08526-5 LB  MTWR    0730-0918A HI 0346  CROFT,F    08527-1 LB  MTWR    0730-0918A HI 0206  DEMEL,J    08531-4 LB  MTWR    0930-1118A HI 0324  ANDERSON,B   08529-1 LB  MTWR    0930-1118A HI 0206  DEMEL,J    08530-9 LB  MTWR    0930-1118A HI 0346 CLINGAN,P  08532-0 LB  MTWR    0130-0318P HI 0346  CLINGAN,P  08533-5 LB  MTWR    0130-0318P HI 0206  FREULER,R 08534-1 LB  MTWR    0130-0318P HI 0324  GLIMCHER,S 08535-6 LB  MTWR    0330-0518P HI 0346  GLIMCHER,S  08536-1 LB  MTWR    0330-0518P HI 0206  FREULER,R Objectives:  Objectives Become familiar with: Instructional team and each other Course sequence, organization, and content H191 syllabus Facilities Office of Disability Services Academic Misconduct Policy Introduce: Graphical communication Orthographic projections and lettering Engineering H191 Introductions:  Engineering H191 Introductions Engineering Faculty for Autumn 2007 Betty Lise Anderson Paul Clingan Frank Croft John Demel Rick Freuler Shelley Glimcher Introductions:  Introductions Instructor: Office: E-mail: Office ph: Home ph: Introductions:  Introductions Who is this guy anyway… Introductions:  Introductions Teaching Assistants In the classroom – In the Hands-on Lab – ENG H19X Course Sequence:  ENG H19X Course Sequence Engineering Fundamentals and Laboratory I, II, and III ENG H191 < This course ENG H192 ENG H193 ENG H191 Course Content:  ENG H191 Course Content Engineering Graphics Sketching Computer Aided Design (CAD) Autodesk Inventor 2008 AutoCAD 2008 (Not covered in class) Hands-on Laboratory Exercises Design Project ENG H192 Course Content:  ENG H192 Course Content Problem solving and computer programming Introduction to C/C++ Introduction to MATLAB Hands-on Laboratory Exercises Design Project ENG H193 Course Content:  ENG H193 Course Content Design/build/test/compete Small autonomous robot Micro-/nano-tech "lab on a chip" Possible Option 3 – Infrastructure, Civil Engr Developing Engineering Skills:  Developing Engineering Skills Read engineering drawings Sketch ideas using engineering drawing standards Draw & model using CAD Program in C/C++ Program in MATLAB Program in LabVIEW Developing Engineering Skills:  Developing Engineering Skills Develop a visual and verbal engineering vocabulary through the hands-on labs Plan, manage, and complete an engineering project Design, build, test and take to competition a working prototype Teamwork Communications Reports Presentation Self Introductions:  Self Introductions Introduce yourself to the person beside you. Tell name, hometown, and favorite book or movie of the past year. Introduce the person beside you to the persons across the table, including hometown and favorites. Determine at least 2 things all of you at your table have in common, the present circumstances excepted. Course Syllabus:  Course Syllabus Check syllabus daily Dates and times Reading and drawing assignments Lecture topics Labs Quizzes and exams Contact information Meeting locations Course Syllabus:  Course Syllabus Policies Grading Lab Safety Academic Misconduct Instructional team roles Do not lose it! Attendance and participation are important! Engineering is not a spectator sport. Course Objectives:  Course Objectives This Course Is Designed To Help You: Understand engineering Appreciate various disciplines Experience the design process Learn and practice fundamental skills Learn graphics and computer applications Develop study, teamwork, and communication skills Course Objectives:  Course Objectives This Course Will Enable You To: Prepare engineering drawings Read engineering drawings Improve your 3-D spatial visualization Acquire basic skills in technical graphic communications Experience some "hands-on" activities Course Organization:  Course Organization Course divided into two different segments Lecture/Discussion on Graphics and CAD Laboratory with "Hands-on" activities Lecture/Discussion:  Lecture/Discussion Class begins with a presentation on the topics of the day Students practice skills in class Assignment for same or next day given Assignment collected at beginning of class Previous day’s assignment graded, returned Note policies on late homework and collaboration Graphics Communications:  Graphics Communications Communication Systems Spoken Written Mathematics Graphics Technical Graphics Communicating Solving Problems Visualizing Objects Conducting Analyses What You Will Learn:  What You Will Learn Visualization – think 3D thoughts 24 hours/day Graphics Theory Standards Conventions Tools Applications Hands on Laboratory:  Hands on Laboratory Eight labs during Autumn quarter Goals: Provide exposure to a wide range of engineering disciplines Develop effective teamwork skills Learn to document an engineering lab experiment and prepare a formal written report Build knowledge and skills needed for H193 design project Build a technical vocabulary Hands on Laboratory:  Hands on Laboratory Activities will include: Understanding gears and sprockets Working with AC and DC electricity Analyzing traffic speeds and patterns Investigating springs and levers and beams Making a variety of size, temperature, voltage, current, and flow measurements Next quarter – ride a bike, fire a rocket motor, and program a real world device Electronic Journals:  Electronic Journals Weekly electronic "journal" entry You will receive a topic or questions during the week via email You must respond via FEH website by 11:59pm Sunday to receive credit First journal topic will be emailed to you next week; i.e., no journal this week Electronic Journals:  Electronic Journals FEH staff will only receive the text of your response Response will be anonymous, unless you put your name into body of message Opportunity to impact quality and direction of FEH program in "real-time" Constructive comments always welcome Grading:  Grading Daily Assignments (55@0.4%) 22.0% Lab Reports (8@2.5%) 20.0% Midterm Exams (2@12%) 24.0% Quizzes (5) 5.0% Design Project 5.5% Electronic Journals (10) 3.0% Lab Quizzes & Practical Exam 5.0% Final Exam 15.5% Carmen:  Carmen Online course management tool that provides students a central location for course resources Access: and use OSU login information 24 hour access to grades and course materials (check grades regularly) Communication between instructional staff and student groups Carmen:  Carmen The Homepage Syllabus and Daily Assignment List, Policies, and links to other pages Course Tools Page The online grade book, all assessment tools (Pre and Post Course Quizzes) plus all communication tools (Bulletin Board & Chat Rooms) Carmen:  Carmen Course Materials Pages All course materials, including class presentations, helpful websites, and other supplemental materials General:, 688-HELP The initial page of Carmen contains help information as well. Course Materials:  Course Materials "Autumn 2007 Engineering H191 Course Packet" by Demel, Brink, Jones Uniprint (formerly Cop-Ez) in Tuttle Park Place garage retail spaces H191 Bundle – (Wiley) "Tools and Tactics of Design", by Dominick, et al. "A Guide to Writing as an Engineer", by Beer, et al. Course Materials:  Course Materials "Introduction to Inventor 2008 and AutoCAD 2008 Tutorials" (one book) by Randy Shih "Technical Graphics", by Meyers, et al. "The New Way Things Work" by Macauley (access only) Course Materials:  Course Materials Scale: 6" combination decimal inches and millimeters [Fairgate F561 79-102] Lead holder: 0.7mm [Staedtler 925 07 – 0.7mm HB lead] Eraser: stick type [Staedtler-Mars 528 50] Note: These 3 items are available in a single package at most of the bookstores. The package price for Autumn 2007 is about $17.00. Course Materials:  Course Materials USB Storage/Flash Drive Note: 3 GB storage space on network drive accessible by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) from outside of class provided by First-Year Engineering Program 3-ring notebook(s) – for Inventor/AutoCAD, Technical Graphics, and H191 Drawing Packet ( Bring only what you need each day!) Pad of green engineering problem paper Policy for Students with Disabilities:  Policy for Students with Disabilities Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact their instructor as soon as possible. Students will be encouraged to make use of the resources of the Office of Disability Services 190 Pomerene Hall 292-3307 Academic Misconduct Policy:  Academic Misconduct Policy The Code of Student Conduct defines Academic misconduct to include violation of course rules, providing or receiving information during quizzes or exams, submitting plagiarized work, falsification, fabrication, or dishonest in reporting research results. Academic Misconduct Policy:  Academic Misconduct Policy All cases of suspected misconduct will be reported to the University Committee on Misconduct. Any students observing misconduct should report such to the course instructor. Facilities Overview:  Facilities Overview Classroom (Hitchcock 206/324/346) Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) Autodesk Inventor 2008 AutoCAD 2008 MATLAB C/C++ Laboratory (Hitchcock 208) Computer Lab (Hitchcock 342) Software same as classroom For Tomorrow:  For Tomorrow Purchase Books and supplies at Bookstore Course Problem Packet at Uniprint (Cop-Ez) Read Technical Graphics (TG) Chapters 1 and 2 Bring Problem Packet and Chapters from the TG book to next class Read Intro. to Inventor and AutoCAD – Chapter 1 Read Tools and Tactics for Design – Chapter 1 Tomorrow – Sit where you would like to sit for the quarter, we will make seat assignments. Purdue Spatial Visualization Test:  Purdue Spatial Visualization Test Purpose: Help professors understand students’ ability to visualize objects Access through Carmen>Quizzes You will have 20 minutes to take the test Will take the test next week.

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