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Published on March 3, 2008

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Management of Metropolitan Transport & Parking in Shanghai:  Management of Metropolitan Transport & Parking in Shanghai Shi Yong Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau Outline:  Outline Brief Introduction of Shanghai Metropolitan Transport of Shanghai Parking Management in Shanghai Slide3:  Australia China China Australia Brief Introduction of Shanghai:Location Slide4:  Shanghai Brief Introduction of Shanghai:Location Slide5:  Total Size: 6,340 sq... km Brief Introduction of Shanghai:Location Brief Introduction of Shanghai: History:  Shanghai was founded in the 11th century as a small fishing village near the mouth of the Yangze River by the 19th century Shanghai grew to be the biggest and most flourishing city in China. Brief Introduction of Shanghai: History Brief Introduction of Shanghai: History:  After the defeat of China by Foreign forces in the Opium War in 1840, Shanghai was designated a “Treaty Port’. Foreign Settlements/Concessions sprung up throughout the City, with residents enjoying extraterritoriality (immunity to local laws) among other privileges. Brief Introduction of Shanghai: History Brief Introduction of Shanghai: History:  Shanghai’s spectacular Western-style architecture arose in areas like the Bund and the French Concession as testament to the wealth of foreign businesses and employees in Shanghai at the time. Brief Introduction of Shanghai: History Brief Introduction of Shanghai: Population:  Brief Introduction of Shanghai: Population The population of China is 1.31 billion (2005) The population of Shanghai, including outer areas, is 17,780,000 (2005), the largest city in China Brief Introduction of Shanghai: GDP (2005):  Brief Introduction of Shanghai: GDP (2005) The GDP of China (2005) - RMB ¥18,232.1 Billion Slide11:  Shanghai GDP Growth The growth rate of GDP in SH over 10% for 14 years Slide12:  Brief Introduction of Shanghai: Shanghai’s Share in China Additional Information of Shanghai:  Additional Information of Shanghai Shanghai Port is the world's largest port in terms of total cargo handling capacity, handled 443 million tons of cargo in 2005. The port, also the world's third largest in container handling capacity, handled 18 million TEUs in 2005.  Shanghai has two international airports. Metropolitan Transport of Shanghai:  Metropolitan Transport of Shanghai Metropolitan transport before 1949 Fast development after 1978 Metropolitan transport today Main policies and plans about metropolitan transport Metropolitan Transport Before 1949:  Metropolitan Transport Before 1949 In an early morning of February, the 34th year during the reign of emperor Guangxu (March, 1908), a tram driving past the Jing’an Temple unveiled the history of urban public transport in Shanghai. Slide16:  When the People’s Republic of China established in 1949, shanghai had 44 pubic transport lines, 934 operating vehicles, with an average daily passengers journeys of 650,000 person times; there were 500 taxis. Slide17:  Development of transport modes Fast Development After 1978 1990’s New Century 1980’s Slide18:  Metropolitan Transport Today in shanghai(2005) Shanghai Metropolitan Transport White Paper:  Shanghai Metropolitan Transport White Paper Public Transport Priority Area Differential Road/Vehicle Coordination Major Policies Slide20:  Plan to build 13 rail lines, including the extension of current metro lines, form a basic city railway network with total length of 510 km by 2012. Rail Transport Construction Slide21:  The length of bus-only lanes will be extended to 300km by 2010, currently the total length is about 40km. Slide22:  The estimated daily passenger journeys of surface transport, rail transport and taxis will reach 8.6 million, 5 million and 3.3 million respectively by 2010, total daily passenger Journeys will be 16.9 million. Daily passenger journeys (million) Parking Management in Shanghai:  Parking Management in Shanghai Road Increase and Automobiles Increase Challenges of Parking Facilities The policies of parking management in Shanghai The parking management of Expo 2010 Road Increase in Shanghai :  Road Increase in Shanghai Automobiles Increase in Shanghai:  Automobiles Increase in Shanghai Comparison : 1995 vs. 2004:  Comparison : 1995 vs. 2004 1995:2004 Length of Road 1:2 Area of Road 1:3 Automobiles 1:3 Cars 1:4 Forecast of Automobiles:  Forecast of Automobiles To maintain the balance between the cars and road capacity, Shanghai uses Plate Auction System for private car owners to control the quantity of vehicles. Challenges of Parking Facilities in Shanghai:  Challenges of Parking Facilities in Shanghai Serious shortage of parking spaces in city center Low efficiency in some parking lots Illegal on-street parking Shortage of parking spaces in residential area Parking Management Policy:  Parking Management Policy The policy of Area Differential guides the planning, building and management of parking facilities. Slide30:  In the central business district, limited parking facilities and higher parking fees control the number of cars in CBD. In other areas of the city center, moderate parking spaces should be provided and moderate amount of vehicles allowed to enter. In the inner area, parking problems in residential area should be firstly solved, and the public parking lots with preferential charging should be built at the hubs near the Outer Ring Road, and the passengers will be encouraged to transfer to public transport to enter the city center. In the suburbs, ample parking spaces should be built during the construction of rural towns. Parking Management Actions:  Parking Management Actions Revise the standard of parking spaces which equipped for buildings Make the plan of public parking lots Adopt the policies of Differential Parking Charge in accordance with different traffic zones, service types and time range Intelligent Transport System in parking management Parking Management for Expo 2010:  Parking Management for Expo 2010 P&R for Expo 2010:  P&R for Expo 2010 Build 28 public parking lots in the public transportation hubs, the exit of expressway and rural towns Total 17,100 parking spaces Encourage visitors to transfer public transport to Expo Zone. Thank You !:  Thank You ! Shi Yong Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau Email: shiyong@jt.sh.cn Tel:+86-21-23115198

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