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Published on November 21, 2007

Author: brod

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Slide1:  CAPACTY BUILDING FOR IDENTIFICATION OF FEASIBLE ENERGY INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES:CONCEPT, POLICIES AND PROGRAMMES Expert Round Table on Technical Cooperation and Financing of Energy Efficiency Projects April10 2003 Vladivostok Russia Far East Takashi Sato JICA/UNESCAP Expert on Energy Efficiency / Conservation Slide2:  CONCEPT OF ERS/ UNESCAP ACTIVITIES (Energy Efficiency and Conservation) Slide3:  INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT / STRATEGY Purpose: Strengthening Capacities of Energy Centers in selected countries. Newly Establishment (Ho Chi Minh City Energy Centre) Strengthening existing center (Khabarovsk Russia Far East) Sustainable Energy Development Centre( Phnom Penh Cambodia) Slide4:  Ho Chi Minh City: Consumption 60% of energy of the country 2) In and around Ho Chi Minh City: industrial complex (Pulp& paper, Textile, Metal, Machine, Food, Rubber, Fertilizer, etc.) 3) Foreign Technical and Financial Support / Cooperation 4) Factories Managements want to establish it. Establishment of Ho Chi Minh City Energy Center (Assessment Study in July 2000) Slide5:  Strengthening of Khabarovsk Energy Centre(Assessment Study Implemented in Sept.2000) Recommendations: 1) Functions-Energy Audit, Consulting, Training, Dissemination 2) Core supporting organization for energy conservation promotion in industrial, commercial, transportation and residential sector 3) Financial Resources- Governmental subsidy and foreign support 4) Technical cooperation- International technology cooperation Slide6:  National Sustainable Energy Centre in Cambodia (Assessment Study October 2002) Conceptual Activities of Centre: Energy Conservation Centre(Construction/Industry sector) Training Centre for Human Resources Development in Energy infrastructure (Rural Electrification, Renewable Energy etc.) At Phnum Chiso, Takeo Province, Cambodia Apart from National Grid NEDO Project supplies Electricity from Solar Panel. Slide7:  1) Two phases Energy Managers Training ( Viet Nam, Bangladesh, India, Turkey) 2) Assistance in Pre-feasibility Assessment ( Potential for Energy Saving--- Energy Audit) 3) Group Training/Study Tour for Facilitation of technology transfer ( Geothermal Energy, Building Energy Saving & Power Generation) Training of Energy Managers Slide8:  TWO PHASES- PRACTICAL ENERGY MANAGERS TRAINING-1 Purpose : To improve skills of designated energy managers of energy-intensive enterprises - reduce energy cost - respond to environmental concerns - improve international competitiveness Slide9:  TWO PHASES-PRACTICAL ENERGY MANAGERS TRAINING-2 - Programme : Phase 1(3days) Theoretical Background and Practical experiences Phase 2(2days) Presentation of Energy Audit Results / All participation Discussion - Participants : 10~15 factories, 20~25 persons - Energy Intensive Industries: Cement, Pulp and paper, Steel, Metal, Ceramic, Food, Textile, Rubber, Machinery, Electric Generation,etc. Slide10:  PRACTICAL ENERGY MANAGERS TRAINING COURSE –3 (2000-2002) - Viet Nam Two Phase Energy Managers Training Ho Chi Minh 2000, Dong Nai 2001 - India Two phase Energy Managers Training, Calcutta 2000 - Bangladesh Two Phase Energy Managers Training, Dhaka 2002 - Turkey International Energy Managers Training (Central and Western Asia) Ankara 2002 Slide11:  REDUCTION OF PRODUCTION COST FIXED COST VARIABLE COST VARIABLE COST RAW MATER’L etc ENERGY COST RAW MATER’L etc ENERGY COST PROFIT PROFIT FIXED COST Schematic Concept of Conservation:  Schematic Concept of Conservation “ Energy Conservation = Company Management Itself” Profit 10% Profit 15% Profit 15% Very Difficult Rather Acceptable! 100 Sales 90 Cost Profit 10 150 135 15 100 85 15 Base Sales up 50% Conservation 5% Slide14:  Two phases- Practical Energy Managers Training Course Dong Nai, Viet Nam 2001 Slide15:  Evaluation of Two Phases Energy Managers Training Courses Course evaluation - New knowledge/experiences in energy conservation Energy Audits carried out by participants Theoretical background and Industrial/practical application Instructors from academic and industries Feedback for further training course More frequent training course More practical examples/experiences Longer training period - Participants with same technology level International Practical Training for Energy Managers from the Countries from Central and West Asia , Ankara,Turkey June 4-14 2002:  International Practical Training for Energy Managers from the Countries from Central and West Asia , Ankara,Turkey June 4-14 2002 Programme Objective:Capacity Building for Energy Managers of Energy Intensive Industries in Countries with Economies in Transition on Systematic Energy Management Organizers: - National Energy Conservation Center(NECC), Electric Power Resources Survey and Development Administration(EIE), Ministry of Energy and Resources - UNESCAP - JICA Funding: JECF(Japanese Government) & SPECA Regular Budget Programme of International Training Course (Ankara,Turkey):  Programme of International Training Course (Ankara,Turkey) - Theoretical Session(Classroom Lectures): 4 days On-site practical training (Demonstration equipment / plants): 3 days Data analysis and evaluation: 2 days Factory visits : Electric appliance factory, Chocolate and Biscuit factory and Brewery Programme Participants:  Central Asia Countries - Kazakhstan 3 - Uzbekistan 3 - Tajikistan 3 - Kyrgyzstan 4 Caucasus Countries - Georgia 3 - Azerbaijan   1 West Asia Countries - Islamic Republic of Iran 3 - Turkey 11 Programme Participants Slide19:  NECC Demonstration Plant for on-site training donated by JICA. Ankara,Turkey Slide20:  Training unit for steam trap Slide21:  Training unit for industrial furnace Slide22:  Training unit for pumping Slide23:  ASSISTANCE IN PRE-FEASIBILITY ACESSMENT FOR ENERGY MANAGERS Energy audit together with energy managers: - Data Collection ( Historical data on utilities unit consumption & actual production data ) - Data analysis (Comparison with standards,Industrial best & other industries) Cost/Benefit analysis Concise report preparation Slide24:  ASSISTANCE ENERGY MANAGERS / ENERGY AUDIT & TRAINING Energy Efficiency Improvement for Energy Intensive Industries (Steel,Cement,Textile,Refinery, Pulp & Paper, Sugar,etc) - Implementation Energy Audit, Pre/FS together with Managers & Engineers Training Course on Energy Management, Energy Audit Procedures, Production Management, Environmental Management, Quality Control, Experiences of Energy Saving Projects in Japanese Industries, etc. Slide25:  ASSISTANCE IN PRE-FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT (ADVISORY SERVICES FOR ENERGY AUDITS-cum-TRAINING COURSE(2000-2002) Viet Nam - Bai Bang Pulp and Paper Mill, May 2001 Mongolia - Ulaanbaatar Dairy Factory, Sept. 2002 I.R.Iran - Tabriz Tractor Casting Factory, Nov.2000 I.R.Iran - Mashhad Sugar Factory, Feb. 2002 I.R.Iran - Ahwaz Pulp and paper Factory March 2003 Slide26:  Bai Bang Pulp and Paper Mill May 2001 Lowering Paper Break frequency Increase evaporation ratio More effective transformer system Slide27:  Suu Milk Factory, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Recommendations: Installation of Dryer heat exchanger Ice storage chilling system using night electricity Adoption inverters into pumps and fans Training: Modern Dairy Production Technology Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP) Energy Saving Experiences in Japan Slide28:  GROUP TRAINING/STUDY TOUR FOR ENERGY MANAGERS (2000-2002) PURPOSE: Facilitation of Technology Transfer - Group Training for Kamchatka Geothermal     Energy Experts in Kyushu Japan, March 2001 Group Training for Cambodian Building    /Construction Experts in Bangkok, October 2002 Group Training for Russian Far East & Mongolian Energy Managers (Power plants) in Niigata, Japan Dec.2002 Slide29:  Group Training/Study Visit in Japan for Geothermal Energy Experts from Kamchatka, Russian Far East Technology Exchanges between Japanese and Russian geothermal experts related to developments of Mutnovsky Geothermal Power with cooperation by Kyushu Electric Power company and Energy Conservation Center Japan. Discussion on Technical matters and Ecological problems Study Tour to several Geothermal Plants of Kyushu Electric Power Company Slide30:  Technical Discussion on: - Pipe plugging by Silica scaling problems - Two phase flow from steam fields to geothermal power plants - Turbine manufacturing and its blade erosion - Ecological points - Hot water re-injection Slide31:  Hacchobaru Geothermal Plant Kyushu Electric Company 55 MWx2 Slide32:  Group Training/Study Visit in Japan for Energy Managers and Senior Executives from Mongolia and Russia Far East Exchange Views between Japanese and Russian Energy experts Discussion on - Operation and Maintenance ways in Power Plants - Managerial Operation of Power Companies Study Tour to several Power Plants (Nuclear, Coal, LNG and Hydro Electric Power ) Slide33:  Group Training of Energy Managers and Senior Executives from Russian Far East and Mongolia in Japanese Electric Companies, December 2002 Slide34:  MAIN BARRIERS TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ENERGY CONSERVATION PROJECTS Industries in Developing Countries: Lack of expertise and information - Lack of sufficient understand by Management - Lack of financiers Lack of regulation on energy saving standards Slide35:  COMMON PROBLEMS FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ENRGY EFFICIENCY AND CONSERVATION PROJECTS IN FACTORIES Lack of responsible organization and Clear target for Energy saving implementation Lack of communication and linkage between factory departments Lack of managed operational data Lack of measuring instruments Slide36:  FURTHER DEVELOPMENT FOR ENERGY CONSERVATION IN ENERGY-INTENSIVE ENTERPRISES Establishment of Regulatory framework (Laws, Regulations, Standards, etc.) Strengthening National/regional Energy Conservation Centre (Energy audit,Training, Dissemination,etc) Capacity Building for Energy Managers (Qualification system) Further International Cooperation Slide37:  Follow-up Action ESCAP supports Governments and Local Organization(upon request basis). - Capacity Building for Energy Managers - Capacity Building for National Institution - Advisory Services for Energy audit - Development /Promotion of Renewable Energy Slide38:  For Further information: “www.unescap.org/enrd/energy…” Thank you

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